Ginger and coriander sweet potato

I got a call from an excited Steffe on Thursday night telling me she was coming to Zürich over the weekend.
Which got me all excited as we still have a looong to do list of places we want to go to, recipes we want to try, restaurants we want to test…Ginger and coriander sweet potato // L.Alexandra
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Blueberry nana ice cream

I’ve been loving trying out new healthy recipes but have been looking for an ice cream substitute.
I’m allergic to dairy and can’t have lactose free food either which doesn’t leave very many options in the ice cream department.
Until I discovered the beauty of nana ice cream.

Blueberry nana ice cream // L.Alexandra

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Juice detox with Fit ‘n’ Tasty

A month or so ago Fit ‘n’ Tasty asked if I’d be interested in trying their juice detox once they launched in all of Switzerland.
There was no way I could turn the opportunity down, I’ve always wanted to try a juice detox.

The launch day finally arrived and I waited with anticipation for my box of juices to arrive at my office from Lausanne.Juice detox with Fit 'n' Tasty // L.Alexandra Continue reading

Street Food Festival

On Saturday we were blessed with amazing, sunny and warm weather.
And there was no way I was staying inside.
My new internship means I’m up to date with all the events happening in the city, including the Street Food Festival that happened this past weekend.
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Asian Coleslaw

This blog is becoming more and more only about food I’ve realised…
But that’s cool ’cause what’s not to love about food right?

On that note:
Here’s a recipe out of the LEON cookbook I got for my birthday from my Dad.
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Dinner at Theater Spektakel

Another outdoor dinner tip but you gotta be fast, it’s all over by August 31st.
When we were little we knew summer was coming to an end and school was about to start when the Theater Spektakel was on.
It made for a great transition back to the routine life.
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Post yoga Frau Gerolds Garten dinner

My sister and I have started going to yoga together.
Not only is this great because I love yoga but it’s so nice to do something together.
Thank you, Alina!
After our yoga class we struggled to think of a place to go eat. We walked all around the Viadukt but couldn’t find anything that would satisfy our hunger/cravings (what those were? No idea, we just knew what we didn’t want).
Prime Tower, Zürich // L.Alexandra

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