Roasted chickpeas

I’m definitely a savoury person. Give me the choice between a cupcake and a sandwich, I’ll choose the sandwich, no thought needed.
It’s only in the afternoon that I’ll crave something sweet as a pick-me-up and that’s why I love the bliss balls that I made the other day.
But generally I prefer savoury. So I figured I’d try making a somewhat healthy savoury snack.
Roasted chickpeas // L.Alexandra
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Ginger and coriander sweet potato

I got a call from an excited Steffe on Thursday night telling me she was coming to Zürich over the weekend.
Which got me all excited as we still have a looong to do list of places we want to go to, recipes we want to try, restaurants we want to test…Ginger and coriander sweet potato // L.Alexandra
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Blueberry nana ice cream

I’ve been loving trying out new healthy recipes but have been looking for an ice cream substitute.
I’m allergic to dairy and can’t have lactose free food either which doesn’t leave very many options in the ice cream department.
Until I discovered the beauty of nana ice cream.

Blueberry nana ice cream // L.Alexandra

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