Rice noodles, vegetables and marinated tofu

This crazy heatwave in Switzerland has been leaving most of us spending as much time as possible outside and as little time as possible in time .
And cooking would require me to be inside…
Hence, I make sure all my meals are quick and easy and I make enough to eat the next day (gives me one extra session outside!).
Rice noodles, vegetables and marinated tofu // L.Alexandra
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• • • Rooftop Restaurant courtesy of Katzentisch

I’m all about being spontaneous but ever tried getting a table at a good restaurant in Zürich?
Quite often, quite hard.
And before that there’s always the endless debate about where to go.

The newly launched Katzentisch can solve both of these problems in one go!
• • • Rooftop Restaurant // L.Alexandra
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Udon noodles with broccoli and spinach

The reason I haven’t blogged recently is because I’ve been trying to fix all the posts on here that have no pictures…
But it’s a long process.
Plus I’ve been enjoying the festive season with family and friends and just relaxing.
I hope you all had a wonderful festive season too.

But back to business – this recipe is adapted from the LEON Fast Food Vegetarian cookbook.
Udon noodles with broccoli and spinach // L.Alexandra
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