Warm quinoa porridge

As fall is slowly upon us and the mornings are darker and colder, warm breakfasts are perfect. Regular porridge is nourishing, warm and packed with fibre, perfect to kick start your day. However, I do feel like it’s a very wintery dish and sometimes it’s a bit too much.
And this is where quinoa porridge comes in.
Warm quinoa porridge // L.Alexandra
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Restaurant Reithalle

I’m super lucky as I’ve grown up in a family that loves and appreciates good food.
We’ve always had home cooked meals and it was always important for us to eat together.
Now that we’re older and both my brother and I don’t live at home anymore, when we all see each other it’s usually over food. And I love and appreciate that.
Especially that they enjoy testing out new places with me and patiently wait while I take my food photos.
Thank you family! <3
Restaurant Reithalle // L.Alexandra
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Breakfast banana muffins

These muffins are obviously not only reserved for breakfast but they are great in the morning, especially if you are in a rush.
And they can be frozen too ’cause eating 12 muffins in 3 days…can be a challenge.
Oh and did I mention they are healthy? Or at least healthier than normal muffins…
Breakfast banana muffins // L.Alexandra
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Favourite summer spots in Zürich

This is slightly ironic because as I write this the weather has cooled down and it’s been raining.
But maybe it’ll coax the sun back out…
It’s worth a try!

1. Frau Gerolds Garten
Frau Gerolds Garten // L.Alexandra Frau Gerolds Garten // L.AlexandraSuch a cool vibe sitting in between the containers, train track and plants.
They grow some of their own food in the gardens and it’s guaranteed to always be packed.
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