Raw lime and blueberry ‘cheesecake’

Before you get all excited, this is NOT a cheesecake the way you’re imagining it.
It’s actually raw, vegan, gluten and dairy free.
Sounds kinda crazy and weird?
I thought so too at the beginning but it is surprisingly insanely good!
Raw lime 'cheesecake' // L.Alexandra

I was in Lausanne this past weekend staying with Steffi’s (who you might remember from THIS post) and we spent a lot of our time cooking and trying out new recipes.
And then styling our photos.
It’s always fun finding like-minded people.
Ones that don’t mind spending 15 min photographing food before digging into it.

(We used a vitamix for this but it was a lot of work trying to scrape everything out after every layer. If you have it, I suggest using a food processor)

♦ 2 cups pecan nuts
♦ 4-5 pitted dates
♦ Pinch of pink salt

Mix the dates until finally chopped and then add in the pecan nuts and pulse until combined but crumbly.
Line a baking tray (about 15cm x 35cm) with baking paper and press the base in and put in the freezer to set.
Raw lime 'cheesecake' // L.Alexandra

♦ 2 cups soaked (best overnight) cashews
♦ Juice from 3 limes
♦  Zest from 1 lime
♦ Teaspoon vanilla (we used 2 vanilla sticks)
♦ 1/2 cup melted coconut oil
♦ 1/3 cup agave or other natural sweetener
♦ Water
♦  1 cup blueberries

Mix everything but the blueberries together. Add water as you go until you reach a creamy-like consistency.
Pour on top of your base, spread evenly, top with the blueberries and place in the freezer again.
Raw lime 'cheesecake' // L.AlexandraCrumble
♦ 1/2 cup pecans
♦ 1 cup juicy medjool dates
♦ Pinch of pink salt
♦ 1 cup oats

Mix the dates into a paste before adding the pecans and salt.
By hand mix together the date and pecan paste with the oats.
It should be a crumbly type of texture so you might need to add more oats before placing it back in the freezer.
Raw lime cheesecakeTake it out of the freezer 30 mins before serving and then cut into slices.
Raw lime 'cheesecake' // L.Alexandra Raw lime 'cheesecake' // L.AlexandraAnd then tuck in!
Raw lime 'cheesecake' // L.Alexandra

Inspired by love live raw’s recipe.

New York Part 3

This post is slightly disorganised I realise but I can’t quite remember when we did what.
The trip was so great it all kind of blurred together/ I should probably start carrying a notebook around with me…

Anyways, on one of the nights we went to see Pippin on Broadway.
And I don’t remember the last time I laughed so much. It was a fantastic show with great singing and acting.
I can highly recommend it if you’re in New York.
New York // L.AlexandraBefore the show we went to dinner at the Cafeteria.
A decided to go for something typical American: fried chicken with waffles.
And let me tell you, it was pretty horrible.
The waffles were really sweet and combined with the fried chicken and the two sauces…not our thing.
I had buttermilk mashed potatoes and turkey.
Which was better but still not great.
The cocktails and the interior on the other hand, were both great.New York // L.AlexandraI feel this picture sums up my two week trip pretty well…
Always eating. Oh yes!
New York // L.AlexandraWe got a three-day bus pass to explore the city and we were blessed with gorgeous weather.New York // L.AlexandraNew York // L.Alexandra New York // L.AlexandraI’m one of those people who has to eat in regular intervals.
And one day I didn’t really have breakfast so by 2 o’clock I was starving, the my-hands-are-shaking kind of starving.
We were in Chinatown and went into one of the first restaurants we saw, Excellent Dumpling House.
And boy was it a good choice, the dumplings and the accompanying sauce were excellent and so was my chicken and the fried rice.
It’s super simple inside, you get constant green tea refills and by far one of the cheapest meals we had.
Go next time you’re in Chinatown!

(My starvation meant that I had to start eating as soon as the food arrived and the only picture we got was this one…)
New York // L.AlexandraNew York // L.AlexandraWe went up the Empire State Building and I was mentally preparing myself to stand in line for hours but when we got there there were barely any people.
We never had to wait more than 5 min and could get all the pictures we wanted without people standing in front of us.
The trick is clearly to go early in the morning before the crowds storm it.New York // L.AlexandraNew York // L.Alexandra New York // L.Alexandra New York // L.AlexandraNew York really is a concrete jungle.
And what surprised us was that so often there were no lights on in the apartments at night, as if everybody was always out…New York // L.Alexandra New York // L.AlexandraA couple got engaged at the top (I wonder how many proposals have gone down there…) and they asked me to snap a few photos of them.
Which as you can see, I was happy to do.
New York // L.AlexandraBefore exploring the High Line we stopped by Bubby’s for a drink.
I was actually a bit bummed that we weren’t hungry enough for food because it sounded really yummy.New York // L.Alexandra New York // L.Alexandra New York // L.AlexandraRefreshed and hydrated we walked along the High Line.New York // L.AlexandraNew York // L.AlexandraNew York // L.Alexandra If I lived in New York I’d be spending a lot of time at the High Line.
Walking along there are so many different places to sit and relax, there’s one spot you can stop for coffee and ice cream and the neighbourhood, the Meatpacking District, around it is great too.
I even spotted my dream flat there…

After all the walking and exploring we got pretty hungry and headed to Les Halles for dinner, a French Brasserie.
New York // L.AlexandraWe went for steak tartare and steak with fries.
I used to love steak tartare but since I stopped eating meat (besides fish and chicken) it just wasn’t as great as I’d remember it being.
But it was a lovely evening and we stayed and chatted for ages, drinking good wine and cocktails and people watched everyone (most seemed underage) go into the club on the other side of the road.
It was so great travelling with a chef because he appreciated good food as much as me (if not more!).New York // L.AlexandraNew York you were amazing!
Can’t wait to come back and explore more.

New York // L.Alexandra

**Not all of these photos are mine, some my friend took.

New York Part 2

On the third day David and I decided to go see the 9/11 memorial.
It was a strange and moving experience being there.New York // L.Alexandra New York // L.AlexandraNew York // L.Alexandra New York // L.Alexandra New York // L.AlexandraLater that night a summer storm rolled over New York and covered the city in a haze.New York // L.AlexandraOnce the storm passed we headed to Enthaice in Astoria (they don’t have a website) for Thai food.New York // L.AlexandraNew York // L.Alexandra New York // L.AlexandraOn the fourth day we went to the Meatpacking District and took a quick stroll around the Chelsea Market where we grabbed lunch at one of the food stalls. (And then my camera ran out of battery)New York // L.Alexandra New York // L.Alexandra New York // L.AlexandraMy friend arrived later that day and we stayed in the gorgeous Hudson Hotel.
It is a really chic hotel, centrally located and with the most charming terrace.
I can highly recommend staying there.
They also have a lounge/bar which is really popular and packed in the evenings, along with another more casual bar area, which is also packed.
New York // L.AlexandraNew York // L.AlexandraNew York // L.AlexandraJust had to pose with one of the many chauffeur driven escalades that are always parked on the side of the road.New York // L.AlexandraFor dinner we went to The Breslin.
They had a small but delicious menu.
Which I always prefer to be honest, makes choosing a lot easier.New York // L.AlexandraNew York // L.AlexandraThe restaurant was dimly lit, filled with chattering people and cows and pigs and other funky decorations.
To drink I had Princess & the Pea and A had, I’m not sure, it might have been a Fancy Pimm’s Cup.New York // L.AlexandraFor dinner I had the most delectable burrata with peas, favas, smoked trout roe and mint, and a side of la ratte potatoes with wilted dandelion greens and anchovy. New York // L.AlexandraWhile A went for the lamb burger with some seriously tasty fries.New York // L.AlexandraWe followed dinner with some tourist action in Times Square at 1 am.
I was so surprised to see how busy it still was so late at night.
New York really is the city that doesn’t sleep!
New York // L.AlexandraAnd if you thought that was touristy, just wait for the next post!

New York Part 1

After my week in Toronto I flew to New York.
I’ve been dying to go to NY for so many years (thanks Gossip Girl!) so I was really excited.
Plus I got to see my friends who are living there now.

New York // L.AlexandraFirst stop after arriving was Starbucks and Central Park as it was a beautiful day.New York // L.Alexandra New York // L.Alexandra New York // L.Alexandra New York // L.AlexandraManaged to snap the moment no one was standing in front of the sign.New York // L.AlexandraFor dinner we headed to Bryant Park with Chipotle.New York // L.AlexandraWe also witnessed four guys doing a prom proposal.
They danced, held up a ‘PROM?’ sign and the lucky girl also received flowers.
So cute.New York // L.Alexandra New York // L.Alexandra New York // L.AlexandraThe obligatory tourist photo on the steps at Times Square.New York // L.AlexandraThe next day we headed out to do more touristy things.
Stop 1: Grand Central Station.New York // L.Alexandra New York // L.Alexandra New York // L.AlexandraStop 2: we took the gondola to Roosevelt Island.New York // L.Alexandra New York // L.Alexandra New York // L.Alexandra New York // L.Alexandra New York // L.AlexandraAnd for breakfast on the third day I had to have a bagel from the Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company.New York // L.Alexandra New York // L.AlexandraHave you ever seen this many different flavoured cream cheeses?!New York // L.Alexandra New York // L.AlexandraTotally craving one of these bad boys now.
Along with some freshly pressed orange juice…New York // L.Alexandra

Clean, healthy eating with Stefanie

I keep mentioning it again and again but it’s so true, so I’m going to mention it again.
Living abroad is fantastic, mainly because of all the great people you get to meet.

I’ve been following my friend from Dubai, Stefanie’s, eating journey for awhile now and am so impressed all the time.
I managed to snag an interview with her so I could share her journey with you too.
We chatted about mindful eating, nourishing whole foods and her awesome new job at Fit ‘n’ Tasty, a Swiss start up nutrition and detox company.

Fit 'n' Tasty // L.Alexandra

What was the catalyst that turned you into a healthy foodie?
A couple years back, I suffered from a bad eating disorder. I had an extremely unhealthy relationship to my body and food and was generally living a very unbalanced lifestyle. One day, something clicked and I knew that something had to change. So I embarked on this quest of healing myself and completely turned my life around. Once I had the emotional side of my problems under control, I realised that I still wasn’t feeling my best with the diet I had at that point. After being made aware of a gluten intolerance, I started cutting out any wheat products. I immediately felt better! So I thought, maybe I will feel even better without dairy, meat etc? And here I am today, eating a dominantly vegan, plant based, gluten free diet full of wholesome fresh fruits and veggies.

Why do you eat the way you eat?
Because I care about my wellbeing and know that vibrant health begins with nourishing my body with the right foods. Because eating this way makes me feel amazing and makes me want to be the best version of myself. Personally, I believe that most people aren’t even aware of how amazing their bodies are designed to feel, and I can only encourage everyone to try it out for themselves. It has changed me physically, mentally and spiritually. Today, eating is a source of pleasure, celebration and mindfulness in my otherwise hectic life.
Fit 'n' Tasty // L.Alexandra

Describe your day on the plate.
I always start my day with a cup of hot lemon water with cayenne pepper and a glass of apple cider vinegar with some agave nectar to kick start my digestion. During weekdays, breakfast tends to be a green smoothie with spinach, frozen banana, apple and some superfoods such as maca powder, goji berries or probiotics. During the weekend, I like to experiment and especially enjoy gluten free pancakes,  a sweet omelette or a warm oatmeal. Lunch is usually a big salad of seasonal veggies and herbs mixed with plant based protein such as lentils, chickpeas or quinoa. I also love to add homemade dips like hummus or a sweet potato cream to spice things up. Evenings can be a salad again or a delicious veggie soup. If my body craves it, I will have some steamed salmon or even marinated chicken on top of my salad. And did I mention that I’m a chocolate addict? Yes, chocolate in its raw form is actually good for us. I am obsessed with raw cheesecakes and anything that contains raw cacao, almond butter and coconut. 
Raw cheesecake // L.Alexandra

Tell us about your current job.
At this point of my journey, I come to realise that I want to combine my passion for nutrition and wellbeing with my career. I am especially passionate about detoxing and am a regular cleanser myself. I stumbled over Fit ‘n’ Tasty by chance, and after a chat with the founder, Wendy Vanhonacker, I was in for a 5 months internship.

Fit ‘n’ Tasty is a nutrition company based in Lausanne that provides healthy meals for people trying to loose weight, nourish their body or who simply don’t have the time to cook for themselves. They also have a detox program, consisting of fruit and vegetable juices designed to detoxify your system over a period of 1, 3 or 5 days.

I am mainly in charge of marketing, but I get to take a peak at all the other aspects of the business as well. Just last week we got such an unexpected amount of orders in that I had to come help out in the kitchen! It’s great fun, and I am humbled to work for a company that does good and helps people be healthier and happier with themselves.

On that note, Fit ‘n’ Tasty is launching their first competition!
Follow them on both Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/fitntasty.ch)  and Instagram (http://instagram.com/fitntasty) for your chance to win a 1-day detox. The competition is open from the 1st July – 14th July, so get moving and follow them.

You can also follow Stefanie’s personal journey with fitness and food inspiration on http://instagram.com/steffejung.

Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with me Stefanie and keep it up!

Moo Milk Bar

Moo Milk Bar, Toronto // L.AlexandraOne afternoon my cousin Ryla and I went on a date to the Moo Milk Bar in The Beaches.
As the name suggests, they serve cookies and different flavoured milk.Moo Milk Bar, Toronto // L.AlexandraThey even have flavoured almond milk.

I mean what an awesome idea?
Being surrounded by the smell of freshly baked cookies all day?
Moo Milk Bar, Toronto // L.AlexandraAnd some cakes in case you didn’t fancy one of their cookies.Moo Milk Bar, Toronto // L.AlexandraI had the banana, chocolate flavoured almond milk and a red velvet cookie.Moo Milk Bar, Toronto // L.AlexandraRyla also got a red velvet and a cookies and cream for us to share.
Both were fantastic and as I write this post, I’m dreaming of having more.
Especially the flavoured almond milk.
Moo Milk Bar, Toronto // L.AlexandraWe took the dogs with us on our stroll, although Indie has hidden in all the photos.Moo Milk Bar, Toronto // L.Alexandra Moo Milk Bar, Toronto // L.Alexandra Moo Milk Bar, Toronto // L.AlexandraCan’t wait to see you soon Ryla!

P.S. Try their ice cream sandwiches.
You choose your cookie and your ice cream…
I wish we’d been hungry enough to try that, they look delicous.

Toronto Part 5

I love city trips but sometimes cramming everything into a few days is hard.
But at the same time you want to see as much as possible.
So to do that I like to do the bus tours.
You get to see lots of things without having to walk too much, plus you get a better idea of which places you’d like to spend more time in.

My hop on hop off bus ticket was valid for three days which was great as I didn’t have to rush everything.
Toronto // L.AlexandraToronto // L.AlexandraI started my tour at the Distillery District with a liquid lunch smoothie (avocado, lemon, apple and carrot juice).
Toronto // L.AlexandraI loved the architecture of this museum.
Toronto // L.AlexandraFor lunch I went to the St. Lawrence Market.
There are 120 vendors, merchants and artisans and fresh food as far as the eye can see.
Toronto // L.Alexandra Toronto // L.AlexandraToronto // L.Alexandra Toronto // L.AlexandraFor lunch I stopped by Buster’s Sea Cove.
Judging by the amount of people waiting, I assumed it was good.Toronto // L.Alexandra Toronto // L.AlexandraThey worked at lightning speed, I got dizzy just watching them.Toronto // L.AlexandraYou choose your meal, pay and get a number.
As soon as your number is called, you rush up and get your food.Toronto // L.AlexandraAnd as the weather was nice, I sat outside on the patio and had this delicious salmon with salad.Toronto // L.AlexandraBeing the tourist I am, I also had to visit the CN Tower.
I was lucky as there weren’t that many people going up and at the top it wasn’t very crowded either.
Toronto // L.AlexandraIt’s 553.33 m and for 34 years it held the record as the world’s tallest free-standing structure and the world’s tallest tower.Toronto // L.AlexandraYou get whisked up in ultra fast elevators and you’re greeted with stunning views of the city.Toronto // L.Alexandra Toronto // L.Alexandra Toronto // L.AlexandraThere’s a glass floor that allows you to look down and realise how high up you really are!
Toronto // L.AlexandraAnd a little selfie at over 500 m.

Also included in my bus ticket was a boat tour around the Toronto Islands.
Toronto // L.AlexandraWhich made for the perfect skyline shots.Toronto // L.Alexandra Toronto // L.Alexandra Toronto // L.Alexandra The Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport.
They use turboprop airplanes to minimise the noise for people living nearby.
Toronto // L.AlexandraToronto, you are a beautiful city and I can’t wait to come back soon (hopefully) to explore more of you!

Toronto Part 4

What I love about blogging is that after the holidays are over, while writing the post, I can relive them again.
(Especially considering that I am sitting in my garden in shorts and a t-shirt with the sun warming my back. Pure bliss.)

While I was in Toronto I met up with another friend from Dubai who I’d done a Eurotrip with in the summer of 2008.
Since then we’ve only seen each other once but it felt like no time had passed when we did see each other.

She came to The Beaches and we wandered around until we found a café to have brunch.

We decided on The Beacher Cafe.
The Beacher Cafe, Toronto // L.Alexandra The Beacher Cafe, Toronto // L.Alexandra The Beacher Cafe, Toronto // L.Alexandra

Cathy went for the smoked salmon and scrambled eggs breakfast.
The Beacher Cafe, Toronto // L.Alexandra

And I had smoked salmon with a bagel and a mango juice/slushy.
(I had so many bagels on my trip that I’m all bageled out now).
The Beacher Cafe, Toronto // L.Alexandra The Beacher Cafe, Toronto // L.Alexandra The Beacher Cafe, Toronto // L.Alexandra The food was really good and we were set to spend some time exploring The Beaches.

We headed down to the beach where we were strolling along happily…
The Beaches, Toronto // L.Alexandra The Beaches, Toronto // L.Alexandra The Beaches, Toronto // L.AlexandraUntil from one second to the next, the sky opened and it came pouring down!
I thought we were a lot closer from home than we were and we tried to make it back as quickly as possible.

We arrived soaking wet.
But I can’t post that picture cause I’m wearing a white dress and we all know what happens when white gets wet…
And I don’t think wordpress allows those kinds of pictures ;)

We dried ourselves and spent some time playing with the puppies.
IMG_2105I have not forgotten about my plan to write a blog post just featuring the two pups!

Once we were dry we made our way downtown.
It kept raining but it stopped just before we had to get off.
Relieved about it we got out, walked along and two seconds later a car drove through the BIGGEST puddle and I ended up like this:Toronto // L.AlexandraThanks driver -.-

Black Market, Toronto // L.AlexandraBlack Market, Toronto // L.Alexandra Black Market, Toronto // L.AlexandraWe checked out Black Market in downtown which has a huge selection of new, secondhand and vintage clothing and accessories.

We also spent some time wandering around the University of Toronto campus which was beautiful!

Toronto // L.Alexandra Toronto // L.Alexandra Toronto // L.AlexandraToronto // L.AlexandraThen we took the train to Burlington and we spent the night there.
In the morning we rode around the tree lined streets and I admired all the spectacular houses in the area.
Burlington // L.Alexandra Burlington // L.Alexandra Burlington // L.AlexandraBurlington // L.AlexandraThank you to Cathy and her family for having me.
It was so good to see you all again.

El Catrin Destileria, Toronto

One thing I love so much about having gone to international schools is that no matter where in the world you go, odds are you’ll know someone there.
I knew quite a few people from school who are now studying in Toronto but sadly I didn’t have time to meet up with them all.

I did meet up with a friend from Dubai for dinner and she took me to the coolest restaurant in the Distillery District.

It’s funny how you can have very little contact for years but then you can sit through a two/three hour dinner and have so much to talk about it.
I love when it feels like no time has passed.

I was a bit early so I wandered around the Distillery District for a bit.
El Catrin Destilleria, Toronto // L.Alexandra The Distillery District, like the name says, used to be where they produced alcohol.
Now it’s filled with independent restaurants, cafes and shops and is a car free zone.El Catrin Destilleria, Toronto // L.Alexandra El Catrin Destilleria, Toronto // L.Alexandra El Catrin Destilleria, Toronto // L.Alexandra The streets are cobble stones and the brick buildings are ideal to slender around and check out all the various places.

Deema decided to show me El Catrin Destileria, a Mexican restaurant, as she knew I’m into my food and testing cool places.

The outside area of El Catrin looked really inviting but we opted for the inside as we knew it would be a long dinner and it got quite chilly in the evening.
El Catrin Destileria, Toronto  // L.Alexandra The room is huge and the massive lights give it this grandeur.
It was dimly lit to perfection, just enough to enjoy all the interior.
El Catrin Destileria, Toronto  // L.Alexandra Behind the bar there was an enormous wooden shelf filled with bottles.
El Catrin Destileria, Toronto  // L.Alexandra How amazing would this light look in a huge dining room as a statement piece?El Catrin Destileria, Toronto  // L.Alexandra The middle tables were raised while ours were normal giving a great contrast.
I was early which gave me some time to figure out the settings on my camera for the lighting.El Catrin Destileria, Toronto  // L.Alexandra When Deema arrived we got some nachos with three different salsas while we attempted to study the menu.
We kept forgetting to decided what we wanted as there was just so much to catch up on!El Catrin Destileria, Toronto  // L.Alexandra Everyone knows conversations flow better with margaritas…El Catrin Destileria, Toronto  // L.Alexandra We also ordered their guacamole.
It was made right at our table.
And it tasted amazing.
I could’ve easily just had that for dinner.
El Catrin Destileria, Toronto  // L.Alexandra Next we shared the Atún ceviche.
Ahi tuna, watermelon, Yucateco mignonette, lime and chive.

I don’t know if I’ve ever had ceviche but after this, I’m ordering it whenever I get the chance (and hoping it’s as good as this one!)
Perfect to scoop up with their nachos.
Which were fantastic too incase you were wondering.
El Catrin Destileria, Toronto  // L.Alexandra I totally forgot the name of what Deema had.
But I’m sure if you show the waiters this picture they’ll be able to tell you what it was.
I do remember that it was super delicious.
El Catrin Destileria, Toronto  // L.Alexandra I had pollo con mole.
Pulled chicken, crema fresca, cotija cheese, xni-pec, toasted sesame seeds and corn tortilla.
Fantastically tender chicken that was really nicely matched with the refreshing crema fresca.El Catrin Destileria, Toronto  // L.Alexandra Check out the amazing art behind us.
It went across the whole wall of the restaurant and injected all the colour the restaurant needed.El Catrin Destileria, Toronto  // L.Alexandra El Catrin Destileria, Toronto  // L.Alexandra Major tile envy right there:El Catrin Destileria, Toronto  // L.Alexandra Thanks for the lovely dinner Deema and I hope to see you again soon, somewhere in the world!El Catrin Destileria, Toronto  // L.Alexandra Fun fact: the restaurant was voted as the best restaurant for a first date.
So hey, there’s that problem solved (if that was currently on your mind).

Toronto Part 3

The last couple of days I spent with my family doing various things here and there and just getting a feel for the Canadian life.
I’m trying to try as many Canadian things as possible.

Toronto // L.AlexandraToronto // L.AlexandraOn our way to a party we stopped somewhere in the suburbs and I had my first ever poutine.
It’s a lot better than it looks I promise!
Poutine // L.AlexandraIt was mad hatter party but we weren’t very ‘mad’…
But still had a good time and I got to enjoy some Canadian countryside.
Toronto // L.AlexandraAnother great restaurant that I got to try in The Beaches was the Green Eggplant.
But let me warn you, their portions are for two.
Or perfect as leftovers if you don’t like sharing.
Green Eggplant Restaurant, Toronto // L.AlexandraGreen Eggplant Restaurant, Toronto // L.AlexandraGreen Eggplant Restaurant, Toronto // L.AlexandraGreen Eggplant Restaurant, Toronto // L.AlexandraThis greek salad could probably feed about three people easily…
Green Eggplant Restaurant, Toronto // L.AlexandraRyla went for the breakfast which if I remember correctly they serve all day.
Green Eggplant Restaurant, Toronto // L.AlexandraThen check out this bad boy of a burger.
We concluded it is definitely not the food choice you should make on a first date as there’s no elegant way of eating this.
(I’m going to refrain from posting those pictures).
Green Eggplant Restaurant, Toronto // L.AlexandraI went for their grilled sandwich with chicken, pesto and sundried tomatoes.
Green Eggplant Restaurant, Toronto // L.Alexandra(One half of the sandwich made for the perfect leftovers)

The Beaches are great for a stroll as there’s a lot of shops, cafes and restaurants to explore.
I came by the Sanna’s Farmacia Organic Juice Bar on one of my walks and as I was feeling a little under the weather I asked for the healthiest, immune boosting juice.
Sanna's Organic Juice Bar, Toronto // L.AlexandraI got the yoga warrior and it was interesting but in a good way.
It was just tastes that I wasn’t used to.
Sanna's Organic Juice Bar, Toronto // L.Alexandra Sanna's Organic Juice Bar, Toronto // L.Alexandra

It spent forever reading their menu as everything sounds so good!
I also stayed and chatted to the owner for awhile who was super knowledgable about all this including juices, smoothies and health.

I’m back in Switzerland now but had no time to post as I was so busy the rest of the time in Toronto and then New York.
So prepare yourself as posts will be coming out regularly (I hope!) now.

Have a great Sunday!