Baracca Zermatt Zürichberg

Whoever said you need to travel to the mountains to get that holiday feeling of sitting in a chalet, by the fireplace with fondue has clearly not heard of the Baracca Zermatt Zürichberg.
Baracca Zermatt Zürichberg // L.Alexandra
The 1947 postoffice cabin from Zermatt now stands high above Zürich and brings us city kids that mountain feeling without having to leave our usual stomping ground. Pretty ideal huh?
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Coconut chocolate pancakes with banana

I woke up this morning super hungry.
And whilst lying in bed I was mentally going through my fridge and all the food I had…
Yoghurt with müesli? I have that during the week.
Avocado toast? I don’t have bread.
Porridge? It’s too sunny and warm for such a wintery breakfast.
That’s when pancakes crept into my mind…and that was that.
Coconut chocolate pancakes with banana // L.Alexandra
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YEN’s Sushi

Sushi is something I can never have enough of. Neither can my sister.
So when asked me if I’d like to try out a restaurant for I didn’t hesitate and knew exactly what cuisine I was going to choose.
And who I was going to take with me.
YEN's Sushi // L.Alexandra
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Soirée with Sel des Alpes

Last week I had the pleasure of being invited to a soirée by Sel des Alpes with Rebecca Clopath and Dominik Flammer. Before having received some products from Sel des Alpes, I wasn’t even aware of the fact that Switzerland produced it’s own salt. Or the fact that the history of the Swiss salt dates back 200 million years and is now one of the few raw materials Switzerland has.
Soirée with Sel des Alpes  // L.Alexandra
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Basil walnut pesto

As summer has officially ended I stood on my balcony the other day looking at my little herb garden and wondering what I should do with all my basil…
I was pretty sure it was not going to survive the cold temperatures and I was going to have to eat a lot of tomato mozzarella salads to get through it!
Instead I decided to make my own pesto which I could stir into pasta, quinoa, couscous, onto bread etc. Definitely a more varied option!
Basil walnut pesto // L.Alexandra
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