Beetroot, fennel and orange salad with dates and almonds

I can’t believe it’s already weekend when at the same it felt like this week went by so slowly…
Ever have that?

Anyways, it’s weekend so it’s the perfect time to test a new recipe.
Beetroot, fennel and orange salad with dates and almonds // L.Alexandra
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Almond bliss balls

Once I finished the Deliciously Ella bliss balls I made, I knew I had to get onto making new ones ASAP.
They have become my lifesavers for my afternoon cravings.
This time I adapted Not Your Standards’ 3 Ingredient Protein Balls.
Almond bliss balls // L.Alexandra
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Roasted chickpeas

I’m definitely a savoury person. Give me the choice between a cupcake and a sandwich, I’ll choose the sandwich, no thought needed.
It’s only in the afternoon that I’ll crave something sweet as a pick-me-up and that’s why I love the bliss balls that I made the other day.
But generally I prefer savoury. So I figured I’d try making a somewhat healthy savoury snack.
Roasted chickpeas // L.Alexandra
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