Udon noodles with broccoli and spinach

The reason I haven’t blogged recently is because I’ve been trying to fix all the posts on here that have no pictures…
But it’s a long process.
Plus I’ve been enjoying the festive season with family and friends and just relaxing.
I hope you all had a wonderful festive season too.

But back to business – this recipe is adapted from the LEON Fast Food Vegetarian cookbook.
Udon noodles with broccoli and spinach // L.Alexandra
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Beetroot, fennel and orange salad with dates and almonds

I can’t believe it’s already weekend when at the same it felt like this week went by so slowly…
Ever have that?

Anyways, it’s weekend so it’s the perfect time to test a new recipe.
Beetroot, fennel and orange salad with dates and almonds // L.Alexandra
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