Surviving the Scottish Winter

As you might know the winds in Edinburgh can be pretty bad and make what is actually 4C feel like it’s -10C.  And then add that to flats that are not insulated properly and heating that cannot (in my case) be regulated.  You’re cold. A lot.

So here are a few of my tips to stay warm in Edinburgh:
1. Get a hot water bottle. Getting in a cold bed is never nice plus you can pre-warm your pyjamas before putting them on.
2. Buy fleece pyjama pants and long sleeve tops.
3. Get a very warm and cozy bathrobe you can lounge around in.
4. Drinks lots of tea.
5. Light candles, they really make a difference!
6. Wear a scarf at all times. I always feel that when my neck is warm the rest of my body doesn’t suffer as much.
7. Get a hat to stop that hair flying all over the place in the wind. And keep your ears warm.
8. Wear weather appropriate clothing. And always be prepared for rain.
9. Wear a lot of layers as you’ll never know what the temperatures will be like.
10. Find someone to snuggle up to, body heat is the best heat.

I know some of you out there put up with much worse weather and all my warm thoughts go out to you.  Although I grew up in a cold country I don’t think I handle it very well.  Dubai suited me a lot better.

Stay warm!


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