Friends and Inspiration Jars

I am fortunate enough to have one of my best friends studying and living in the same city as me.  Although we don’t go to the same university I love having someone around who has known me for ages; it’s comforting.  As  for my other best friend, she lives in Switzerland so I tend to only see her when I am visiting home and even then it isn’t very often as we’re both so busy.  We couldn’t believe it when we had to pull out our diaries to plan when we could see each other!

As this will be one of the last times we are all on the same continent we decided we had to take advantage of it. My friend and her boyfriend flew over from Switzerland to spend a few days in Edinburgh.  It meant a lot of triple dates as we all have boyfriends but it worked out well and we had such a great time.  Talking about graduating and future plans made me realise how much we’ve grown up since high school.

We’ve been friends for so long and even when I moved to Dubai for 3 years we’ve stayed friends.  I’m convinced it is going to stay that way.  Even if we’re not on the same continent.

Inspiration Jars


I decided to make a small gift for my friends as a late Christmas/New Years present.  (I also sent the tags to my Mum and sister.)  A friend of mine did it and I’ve seen some on pinterest and I loved the idea of it.

All you need is a jar and then you write all the good things that happen throughout the year on a piece of paper and put them inside the jar.  Not only do you focus more on the positives but also come the end of the year you can reminisce about all the good things that happened in 2013.



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