DIY: Bunting

I seem to forget that I have a blog and could blog about the DIYs I do!  Still getting the hang of this whole blogging business.  This DIY is pretty simple so I don’t think step-by-step pictures are really necessary.

Being a student means my budget isn’t endless (is it ever in life?) but I still wanted to do something to decorate my walls as they are currently very plain (yes, I have been in my room for about 6 months already).  For the bunting I used those single sheets of wrapping paper you can buy.  It was very convenient as I still had paper from last year from my dorm room where I used them as posters (I got my from Urban Outfitters).  They’re lot cheaper and often lighter and therefore easier to stick to the wall with minimal blu-tac.

I had done some extensive pinterest-ing about DIY ideas for my room and came to the conclusion the easiest thing would be to make my own bunting, especially as I already had the paper and found string in one of our kitchen drawers.

IMG_3374(I wanted to take a photo from further away but it doesn’t really work as my room is too small!)

You need:
– Paper/card/magazine/newspaper etc.
– String
– Tape
– Scissors/carpet knife (?)
– Ruler

I first made a cardboard template of the bunting and then just traced around it on the paper.  I used a carpet knife and a ruler to easily cut out the shapes and then taped the string to the back of the cut outs and hung it on my wall. Ta-da pretty easy and cheap as you can use any kind of paper you have lying around the house!

IMG_3376A close up of the paper I used.  I should have put the shapes under a heavy book for awhile so it wouldn’t curl but I was too excited to wait! (Yes, I can be impatient at times.)


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