Tea, Tea, Tea

What better way to survive these cold winter days than with visits to different tea shops in Edinburgh?

My boyfriend recently got into learning about teas and is on his way to becoming something of a tea expert.  With his newly acquired knowledge we decided it was FINALLY time to go visit some tea shops, we’ve only been talking about for, you know, about a year.  And there isn’t even that many in Edinburgh but we still never managed.  That all changed when we went to two in the space of three days!  Look at us go!

The first one we went to was a traditional tea house on Saturday after having run some errands in town.  It’s called Anteaques, and as the name suggests they not only sell tea but also antiques, such as tea accompaniments, silver and furniture.  It is very small and only has 3-4 tables but it makes it all the more cozy!  They specialise in loose leaf tea and have an extensive selection, so many it was hard to choose!  With our teas we also had some delicious truffles; scones and other baked goods are available too.

IMG_3353I have to admit I felt very posh drinking out of beautiful tea cups and eating truffles off of a silver tray! Definitely worth a visit- I’ll sure be back!

The second tea house we went to was called PekoeTea, a family run business and they too specialise in loose leaf teas.  It does not have the same cozyness as Anteaques but it is still nice to sit down and have a cup of tea.  It was fascinating watching her prepare the Pu Erh tea which was then drunk from a tiny cup.  I had the Orange Blossom Oolong tea which I can highly recommend, you even get a little sand clock to time it!  Along with our teas we shared a slice of carrot cake.

IMG_3363The walk back from PekoeTea was not an easy one!  It was snowing/raining AND windy which meant all the slush blew straight into our eyes making it hard to see (and my make up run).  I just wish we would get some real snow in Edinburgh not just this slush, it seems to be cold enough!

IMG_3362At least it’s the perfect weather to wear our Hunter wellies!

If you currently have more snow than we do, which isn’t hard, please make a snow angel for me :)


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