This week in food

I’ve always enjoyed cooking but since living on my own I’ve been cooking A LOT more (obviously as otherwise I would starve).  I feel a lot of my day is spent thinking about what I’ll be eating next.  Not that I’m complaining! I love eating and cooking and the fact that life seems to revolve around going from one meal to the next.  I’m lucky my boyfriend is just as interested as me in creating daily feasts so we often cook together and come up with amazing breakfasts, lunches or dinners.

I’ve decided to try and do weekly or bi-weekly posts on the food I’ve had recently.  I really enjoy looking at recipes but often tend to adapt them or just use them as inspiration.  I hope my pictures inspire some new meal ideas for you and please share any tasty recipes you have with me!  Oh and feel free to ask about the ‘recipes’ for any of the pictures, most are however, made up as I/we went along.

(I apologise that the picture quality is not always great- blame the iPhone!)

IMG_3383Leek, carrot and feta cheese quiche.

IMG_3391Left-over quiche with a fried egg and salad.


Venison medallions, sweet potato wedges with a whiskey sauce and salad.


Tomato, onion and mushroom frittata, salmon and bagel.

IMG_3411Left-over frittata, left-over haggis (better than it looks//from Burn’s Supper) and salad.

IMG_3412Fried rice with duck breast.

Buon appetito!


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