Rain, rain go away!


I think it has been raining for the last week or so at least here in Edinburgh, add the gale force winds into the mix and it becomes a pretty depressing picture.  I don’t remember the last time I saw the sun for more than maybe 15 minutes and I’m starting to get a little down.  As is everyone else I think.  Due to the strong winds you can’t even use an umbrella so if you do have to leave your house you come home looking like someone just dumped a bucket of water on your head. Not cool.

It’s only 2.3o in the afternoon and I have the lights on and candles burning.  Curious to why when it’s only mid-afternoon? This is my bedroom window:


I can’t open the shutters or I will freeze, not that looking at a grey sky would make me feel any better.  Instead I’m sitting in my room with a thousand layers (heating on with little effect) and thinking about all nicer places I could be right now… Or how I will kill the time until I can go sleep because lying in bed all day doesn’t seem like the best option. Sadly.  If only I had a private jet to whisk me off somewhere…or at least a working bathtub.

One of the warmer places I’d currently like to be at:

216048_10150168383904292_334298_nBack in Thailand, lying on the beach and soaking up the sun.


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