Lazy weekend

It seems the bad weather has drained the energy out of a lot of us. Fighting against the wind is hard business mind you. As I don’t have very many contact hours at university and as I switched one of my classes around this week, my weekend already started on Thursday. To heighten my spirits I spent Thursday evening at a friend’s place chatting, eating cheese and drinking wine- a much needed catch up.  On Friday my boyfriend and I went for dinner at friends of his where we spent the evening eating good food and talking for hours.

Saturday was the ultimate lazy day. We slept in late and when we got up we started watching The Mentalist. And just didn’t stop. We only got hooked on the show recently when a friend gave me the first season but clearly we can’t stop watching it now. We only paused briefly to get food or drinks. For brunch we made these amazing sandwiches:


We used a fried egg, tuna with mayonnaise and onion, cheese and brown sauce. And then grilled the whole thing. So good! 


When dinner came we still hadn’t moved from the sofa so we decided to order Chinese from the Red Box Noodle Bar.

Sunday morning plans of getting up and doing some uni work also failed as we decided to finish watching the second season of The Mentalist and make sausages in dough. Probably not the healthiest thing we could’ve made but we did go to the gym in the afternoon. Then it’s okay right?

IMG_3458For dinner I decided to experiment and make a butternut squash sauce for my pasta (tastes a lot better than it looks). I’ll post the recipe soon.

IMG_3471To end the evening, I decided to do my uni reading in bed and light the candles…Ahh Sunday evening bliss.

IMG_3472Hope you all had a great weekend and a good start tomorrow.


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