DIY: Instagram Magnets

I don’t know about you but I jumped on the Instagram bandwagon a couple of months ago and am pretty addicted to it now. It’s a shame though that nowadays we never really do much with our pictures besides posting them online. I decided to do something with my Instagram pictures based on the idea of StickyGram– making your pictures into magnets.

I’ve purchased with StickyGram before but they aren’t the cheapest option when you want to print a lot of images so, I decided to make my own magnets in a few simple steps.

What you need:

Instagram (or any pictures)
Photo editing programme
Magnetic tape


1.  Open your Instagram images in photoshop or a similar photo editing programme.
2.  Resize the images to be 50 mmx 50mm.
3.  Create a blank canvas that is 150mm x 150mm.
4.  Drag the images onto the blank canvas, 9 per canvas.

5.  Print the pictures.

6.  Cut out each picture.


7.  Stick a piece or two (depending how strong you want the magnets) of magnetic tape to the back of each picture.

Et voilà!
You’ve got your own Instagram magnets. I added mine to my magnetic board as a border as opposed to using it as magnets. (In hindsight I realise for what I’m using it I could’ve used blu tac but hey, where’s the fun in that?)


 Let me know how you get on!

And yes I do realise I need to a.) work on my photo taking skills and b.) figure out how to better use Photoshop.

Happy DIY-ing.



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