Gift wrapping with love

I’ve always really enjoyed wrapping presents and getting creative with them. Back home (at my parent’s place) we have an endless supply of wrapping paper, ribbons, stickers, gift bags etc. that we’ve collected over the years. However, here at university I don’t have that luxury but I still like to make an effort when wrapping presents.

Here are a few of the ways I’ve wrapped my gifts recently:


These are two mugs that I wrapped in paper I had from Ikea furniture I bought a few months back. I stuck chocolate hearts on them as it was a Valentines gift.

IMG_3569I then put the two wrapped gifts into a yellow paper bag I had and added another chocolate heart as well as a sieve. The sieve is to go along with the mug theme as it can be used as a strainer when using loose leaf tea.Β 

IMG_3502I didn’t have enough wrapping paper to cover the whole picture frame so instead I cut out a big heart out of wrapping paper and put that underneath the ribbon so the whole gift wasn’t visible immediately.

IMG_3272For this gift I used the brown paper often used when wrapping boxes that need to be sent by post. Not only is it fairly cheap but it can also be decorated for whatever occasion. Here I used purple polka dot stickers and a paper luggage tag instead of a name tag and/or card.

IMG_2626These were some of my Christmas gifts. I used the luggage tags instead of cards and decorated the gifts with the purple polka dot stickers and gold star stickers.

IMG_2914This was my Christmas gift from my sister. She also used the brown paper and wrote song lyrics on it to personalise it.

IMG_2889(Sorry for the bad quality but this is the only photo I have). We all take great care and pride in gift wrapping in my family. I believe part of the fun of gifting is the wrapping.

This is photo is from Christmas at my grandparents house in Switzerland (we didn’t have a tree this year for a number of reasons). We have quite a ritual when it comes to gift giving as only one person at a time opens a gift while everyone watches. In Switzerland the tradition is that Santa Claus comes early on in December and not on Christmas morning so all our gifts are given to us by friends and family. Β We celebrate on the night of the 24th and usually we have real tree and real candles (with a big bucket of water on the side- just in case) which an angel lights during dinner.

Sorry about going off on a tangent about Christmas but hey, it’s such a wonderful time of the year why not think about it all year round?

How do you best like to wrap your gifts?


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