This week in food

My boyfriend was away this week so I was cooking for one which is only half as fun as cooking for two. As you often end up making the same quantities as for two (at least I do) I ate the same thing two days in a row but did try to vary it up a little.

So here goes this weeks meals:

garlic bread and soup

I made tomato soup again as it was just so good. Here I had some toast with homemade garlic butter (butter, pressed garlic, herbs, salt and pepper).

egg in soupAs I had so much soup left over I had it again the next day. This time I added a hard boiled egg into it which a Norwegian friend of mine suggested, it was quite interesting and good. I also had some fish fingers and salad to go along with the soup.

bacon pastaA really simple meal I like to make is this. Pasta with bacon, cream and spinach. If I want some extra flavour I’ll add some onions too.

fishFish with a sun dried tomato sauce (came together), lambs lettuce with sesame seeds and couscous with tomato and coriander.

fish fingersI decided to make fish fingers on toast as I didn’t really have much else in the fridge and it wasn’t bad but not the best thing I’ve tasted. Lambs lettuce with dried cranberries on the other hand, delicious! Alternatively add orange slices.

chilliI made a chilli for when my boyfriend came back which we had with rice (I made enough to feed an army). I also made my own guacamole with which I was very impressed if I may say so myself.

ravioliThe only positive thing about my boyfriend having been away is that he brought all sorts of delicious treats back with him from Italy, such as the ravioli pictured here. One of the best I’ve had. Drizzled with a bit of their homemade olive oil (ever tasted FRESHLY pressed olive oil? It is heavenly!) and a sprinkle of freshly shaven parmesan. Paired with a good glass of Italian red wine I almost felt like I was in Italy too. We made a beetroot and (Bulgarian) cheese salad as a starter. The cheese was given to us by a Bulgarian friend of ours and it tastes similarly to feta which is what I’d normally use.

Hope this inspires some of your meals this week.

Buon appetito.


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