If you’d ever ask me who made the best guacamole, I would say my Dad. Whenever he makes burritos (which are the best I’ve ever tasted) he makes guacamole and he has learnt to make way more than we’d need for the burritos because we all like to stick our finger in the bowl constantly – it’s that good.

The other day I made my own guacamole inspired by my Dad’s and some recipes I’ve seen and I hate to say it but I think it rivalled his! Sorry Daddy!


– Avocados (I used two for two people but it was a lot)
– Tomato
– Lime
– Coriander
– Creme fraiche
– Seasoning

Peel the avocado, take out the pit (but keep it) and place them on a large cutting board.
Use two forks to mash the avocado.
Finely dice up a tomato (or more depending on your taste or quantity) and add it to the avocado.
Chop up coriander and it that to the avocado and tomatoes.
Add a tablespoon or more of creme fraiche.
Squeeze in lime juice (I used one lime) and season well.
Again use the forks to mix it all together.
Scoop the guacamole into a bowl and place the pit in the middle so that it doesn’t go a brown colour.


Alternatively use the pit to start growing an avocado tree. My brother did that years ago and his tree grew to be about 2-3 meters tall!

Pretty simple but so good.

Let me know if you have any tasty guacamole recipes.


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