Oh hi there sun, it’s been awhile.

The rain, wind and cold has been going on for so long here in Edinburgh that I have almost forgotten what it feels like to have the sun warming my face. There have been a few stints where the sun has shown itself but most were just little teasers before the weather went back to it’s usual horrible self.

Of course it was my luck that I had an essay to write just when the weather decided to show itself from it’s best side. As I NEVER get sunlight in my room, damn positioning of my room, I made my way over to the Edinburgh University library while I still could (non-Edinburgh uni don’t get access to their library during exam time) and enjoyed the sun through the big windows on the 4th floor. Which was almost, almost as good as sitting out in the Meadows.

Ever wondered what the Meadows looks like when the sun is out? Wonder no more:


IMG_3776Come May this place is packed with people (mainly students) barbecuing, playing football, studying and enjoying the nice weather. Oh and occasionally starting bonfires so big that the fire brigade Β has to show up.

When I did manage to escape the library for a bit my boyfriend and I went to Spoon for lunch. As their website says they have filled a gap of the casualness of a cafe and formality of a restaurant. Their funky decor with mismatched furniture gives it a relaxed feel and so far everything I’ve tried there has been delicious. If you have a look at their lunch and/or dinner menu you’ll see that they do some interesting food combinations that all clearly work very well.

If and when you go try their free range chicken burger with toasted muffin, chunky chips and Spoon coleslaw (on the lunch menu). So good! I wish I could go back there right now for another one. Oh and their freshly pressed orange juice? Definitely re-order worthy.

IMG_3770Do you have any tips on good places to eat in Edinburgh?


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