Channeling my inner country Brit

This weekend my boyfriend decided to take me to Kirkcaldy to teach me how to clay pigeon shoot. This involves trying to hit a small fast-flying clay disc, unfortunately a task harder than I imagined. Clay pigeon shooting has been a part of British culture for decades, they even won a gold medal at the London Olympics for it, so I was keen to give it a shot seeing as I am living in the UK.

photo 2

We rented a car and the whole journey there it was pouring with rain but we were lucky because just as we drove into Cluny ClaysΒ the rain stopped. This was much to my liking as I didn’t fancy spending two hours out in the rain (if you haven’t realised, I am not a big fan of rain). Although I do like wearing my Hunters :)

We ran through the safety essentials for handling and shooting a shotgun and then we got started. For the first while I just watched and tried to understand how I felt about holding a gun. Although I’ve always wanted to try clay pigeon shooting when the time actually came I got a little nervous.Β Much to my surprise I actually hit quite a few of the clays (I also missed many) so clearly my British blood was coming through a little.

photo 4


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