Every cloud has a silver lining

Today was one of those days you just want to stay in bed all day if you could. The temperatures have dropped again and it’s even snowed. In March. Not cool. Just a week ago I was all excited spring was finally here but turns out the sun just came out to tease us and disappeared again.

This morning was particularly horrid. It was snowing/sleeting and super windy so by the time I arrived at uni my mascara was all over the place. Walking to the bus was actually a struggle because the wind and snow was blowing in my face so I was trying to protect myself and not get run over. Good news: I made it!

I got to babysit a little cutie tonight and we laughed about the silliest things again and again. It’s so nice to see how kids can find joy in the smallest things. While reading him a Thomas the Tank Engine book before bed I found this quote:

photoSeems very applicable to me right now and I’m going to take Thomas’ quote to heart and wear a smile, even in the rain.


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