Orphan killed in tragic motorbike accident – please help

I just got the news that Nat, one of the orphans from Baan San Fan Orphanage in Thailand, died yesterday after a tragic motorbike accident. I wrote a post here about my time at the orphanage during my gap year.

The orphanage relies on the kindness of people’s donations and they are struggling to put the money together to cover the cost of the funeral and the hospital fees. We would really like to give him a proper funeral. The orphanage is trying to raise $2,000 (£1,313) for this. For ANYTHING you can spare to donate we would be eternally grateful.

The money goes directly to the hands of the orphanage, no cent is wasted as there is no middle man. To donate please click here. (If it doesn’t work via the PayPal on the site please log into your own PayPal and pay money to gairoung@yahoo.co.th who is the owner of the orphanage. Sorry for the inconvenience but we really, really appreciate your help).

From the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU!!!

DSCN0359Rest in Peace Nat.


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