Easter in Zürich

Happy (belated) Easter!

I flew home to Zürich on Saturday to spend Easter with my family. We had my grandparents over for brunch and my aunt and uncle for dinner. Here are some photos of our Easter:


IMG_4196Nom nom cheese!


IMG_4197My sister and I decided on Saturday night to draw on some eggs with Sharpie’s as we’d read on Pinterest. Half way through we realised they weren’t hard boiled (not because one dropped) so we had to cook them in the morning. The colour stayed on but the eggs were not edible anymore. But hey, at least they looked cute.

IMG_4202We have this tradition in Switzerland where we try and break each other’s egg. Each person has to hold a hard boiled egg and then one hits the other, either top to top or bottom to bottom. The egg that doesn’t break wins.



IMG_4213This is my beautiful sister.

IMG_4211Who made these yummy baby muffins.

IMG_4220With the perfect cupcake to icing ratio. 1:1.

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 11.45.04And with whom I made (attempted to make) Easter nails.

I hope you had a lovely Easter with friends and family (and a lot of chocolate)!

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