Perks of being home

I went back home to Zürich for Easter break and at times felt like I was living the luxury life, i.e. I could take a bath and the heating was always on and working inside! It’s the small things you miss when you’re away…

Here some of the perks I enjoyed whilst home:


Multiple baths! And the new episode of Smash.

IMG_4248Ikea trips with my bestie.

IMG_4257Enjoying my bestie’s new apartment.

IMG_4323Mami’s Züri Gschnätzlets.

IMG_4363Shisha and white wine spritzers at Basilica.

IMG_4262It was ALMOST warm enough to get away with wearing just my leather jacket. And by almost I mean I managed to wear it once and then I was back to my winter jacket.


I had an amazing dinner at the LaSalle. (I wrote a post about it HERE)

IMG_4336We had littles come visit so we dug out our old Barbie’s and Playmobile and reminisced about the days we used to play with them.


Zürich you have about a month to copy Edinburgh with the sun and to warm up before I come back!

Get on it!


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