Eames Chairs

Ever since I was about 11 years old up until about 10th Grade I wanted to study interior design. I loved rearranging my room every few months and adding little things to change it up a bit. When it came time to decide what I wanted to study and where I freaked out a bit. The sheer amount of options are overwhelming. I was doing Art as one of my courses and would occasionally hit a mental block. What if that happened to me when I was studying? What if that happened to me at work? You couldn’t simply just have a mental block.

So I decided to keep interior design more of a hobby rather than my choice of study (I’m doing PR & Marketing). But thanks to Pinterest I can now spend hours looking at home decor related pictures, blogs and websites. If you check out my Pinterest account you’ll realise that’s my main theme for my boards.

*Warning: Pinterest is extremely addictive!*

On one of my Pinterest adventures I discovered these chairs and fell in love with them:

(Clicking on the image will lead you to the image in Pinterest which will then lead you to the original source)

eames black

After some researching I found out they are Eames chairs.

And so the researching/planning for my future home began:

glossy white eames

white eames

I love the idea of placing sheep skin/faux fur throws on them during winter:

eames rugs

The rocking chair is also great:

white rocking eamesAnd a again with a throw for winter:

yellow eames rugI love how simple these chairs are but they still stand out, especially if they are coloured. Mix-matching them looks great because although they’re different colours they are unified by their design:

colourful eamesDo you have any favourite chairs? Or plans for your future/current home?

I can’t wait to move into my own place! Only two more years of living in furnished housing…


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