Eddie’s Seafood Market

Eddie’s Seafood Market in Marchmont has been trading since 1986 and is the supplier to many of the restaurants in Edinburgh. Like the name suggests it has the feel of a mini market with a wide range of different fish, shellfish, lobsters, shrimp, exotic sea creatures and much more (water related food of course). They also have sushi-grade salmon and tuna.Β IMG_4675

The fish is always fresh due to the quick turnover so it’s best to arrive early. The prices are extremely reasonable, the other day I paid just under Β£10 for 4 huge pieces of salmon. And they were so good cooked in the oven with just a bit of olive oil and some seasoning.


(The guy on the right looks a little evil but I’m sure he tastes great!)

Although I have not tried it (I’m going to next weekend), I have heard many great things about the fresh sushi Eddie’s wife Sylvia prepares every Saturday. But again, make sure you get there early.

If you live in Marchmont make sure to check it out and even if you don’t live near by, I think its definitely worth the trip.

The address is: 7 Roseneath Street and they are open Tuesday-Friday 8am-6pm and on Saturday from 8am-5pm.


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