Bar Kohl

Who doesn’t love a good burger?

I’m talking the one that has moist meat, crunchy salad, melted cheese and a good bun.

Bar Kohl is a sophisticated vodka joint that makes amazing food as well. Since 1993 they have been making their own exotic vodkas so if vodkas your thing, this is the place for you. Although they have a huge cocktail list that includes a huge variety other alcohols too, in case vodka is not your thing.

I love the decor with the brick wall and the ceiling with black and white comic strips.



Now onto the burgers. There are plenty of options to choose from with beef, chicken, lamb, bacon or vegetarian (for their full menu click HERE). Their house speciality is burgers made from scratch from prime Aberdeen Angus. They even have a meat lovers burger which has five different meats and no veg.

I went for the Acapulco with beef, bacon, guacamole, Jack cheese, lettuce, tomato and house mayo. I upgraded and got sweet potato fries but I have to say it’s a close tie with their chunky chips. They are both delicious. And so is their coleslaw. I just wish there had been more!


My boyfriend got the meat lovers burger. (Sorry for the bad quality photo but he was hungry and in no mood to take photos of his food).

IMG_4743To drink I had an elderflower mule (I love anything with elderflower) and my boyfriend had a sazerac. For the full list of cocktails and drinks click HERE.


If you’re around George IV Bridge anytime soon make sure to stop by here for a drink or food, it is definitely worth it, especially if you love burgers or a good drink.

P.S. With a Snapfax you can get 50% off food!


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