Grey Sofas

Now that my exam is over and I am officially on summer holidays I can spend hours on Pinterest guilt-free!

So that is exactly what I’ve been doing all morning.

In the past few months I’ve become a real fan of grey sofas as they are a neutral colour allowing for endless colour combinations. There are so many shades of grey to match what you want.

My favourite thing about them is they aren’t as heavy as black but not as risky as white, a nice mix between the two. Plus it’s super easy to coordinate any colour with it, anything will match. If you get fed up with it you can always change the pillows and give it an instant facelift. Or have different pillow covers for different seasons for example.

These are some of my favourites:


7667fbabc093dd414faa965e862106b4 e94e45d69d843924baa74fa19337234e 26d4afdbd8670dda5d9419e761d33e0d acd2fbef5061b9769c043eaabac01b3b 90aec305eb2ab718a2ce7aa208430847 6a71f5af1a6b457d676404a7c846f696 b27c81b32117feb5de7b1417fc2d562e 467fe89d496443f86c0573f90b6434ef 748b7842d4c2ca84cd64fa756fe27ac6(All the images can be found on my Pinterest HERE)

What is your favourite sofa colour?


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