Summer is finally here!
I’m back in Zürich and already managed to catch a light sunburn the other day from being in the sun for about an hour!

We can now FINALLY stow away all our winter clothes and fill our closets with our summer stuff.
Oh it feels so good!

For years now I’ve been buying my flip flops from a brand called flip*flop because they are super comfortable, light, have a decent sole, come in all colours and last for ages.

Often flip flops can be flimsy and fall apart easily but not these ones.
As they have a proper sole you can walk comfortably in them for prolonged periods of time (I wore mine all over Thailand).

light pink

I’ve only had a few pairs because a.) summer doesn’t last THAT long in Switzerland and b.) the shoes last for a long time.

I’m currently crushing on these:


For all colours click HERE.

What is your go to shoe for the summer?

P.S. I’ve always bought mine at BIG in Zürich but you can also get them online HERE.
P.P.S. At the beginning the strap may be a bit stiff and give you a blister. If this happens stick a thin plaster onto the strap and you are good to go.


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