Rainy days in St. Gallen

Before I started working full time I decided to go visit my grandparents in St. Gallen (east of Zürich).
I love going to visit them because although I don’t see them very much we’re still very close.

Having been the first born and therefore, the first grandchild, means I’m still referred to as Laura baby. My Nonna always tells me the stories of how when I was little and would come visit my Nonno would have to move out of the room so that I could sleep in his bed next to my Nonna.

I love looking at all the photos there are hanging about the flat of us as kids.
I found this one of me (and my chubby cheeks):

 I had been hoping for sunny weather so I could enjoy St. Gallen but instead it was the opposite.
Rain ALL DAY long!

IMG_5001(Currently very happy I brought these to Switzerland)

My Nonna and I did walk around for a bit on Friday, huddled together under the umbrella.
Here are some photos I took in town:
IMG_5005 IMG_5009 IMG_5007These pictures (and this weather) don’t do St. Gallen justice. The architecture and the cobbled streets are stunning and definitely worth a visit.

 I’m very lucky as both my grandparents (actually all my family!) are fantastic cooks.

For dinner we had pasta with scampi. Delicious and summery.

On Saturday morning I went back to town with my Nonna to do some grocery shopping at the market. I could’ve spent forever looking at all the cheeses, vegetables, breads etc. And the flowers! They were so beautiful.




IMG_5031 IMG_5030

IMG_5032Before I left on Saturday my Nonno made Flammkuchen for lunch. Yum!
As per usual I had wonderful time in St. Gallen with my grandparents.
Thank you Nonna and Nonno for having me!


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