Pomegranate vodka cocktail

It’s not quite summer temperatures yet but we’ve been pretending it is so the other day my sister and I decided to make a summery cocktail.
We didn’t use a recipe, just made it up as we went along.


Bear with me the ingredients are very complicated:
♦ Vodka
♦ Pomegranate
♦ Sprite
♦ Mint leaves and strawberries (to garnish)

We used a whole pomegranate so we had to get the seeds out first. The trick (as my brother taught me) is to cut it in half, hold it with the cut part facing down, give it a squeeze and then hit the pomegranate ‘shell’ with a spoon.


Per drink we put in one measure of vodka, 2-3 teaspoons of the pomegranate juice, topped it up with sprite, added ice, gave it a bit of a mix with a spoon and garnished with mint leaves and a strawberry.
BAM! It’s done.

DIY summer feeling.


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