I met up with my godmother today for lunch and she brought me to the newly opened QUAI 61.

It is right down by the lake and there is a very nautical feel to it.
We sat outside at the light blue tables and white chairs and had lunch.
There’s the view onto the lake, mountains and the skyline of Zürich.
Can it get any better than that?

DSCN2671They have multiple areas/venues: the lake restaurant, the garden, the ‘Plätzli’ (where we ate), the bar, the sun deck, yacht club and they do Sunday brunch.
DSCN2672The ‘Plätzli’.
DSCN2678My godmother had the pasta of the day.
DSCN2679And I had salmon with a dill sauce and rye bread. We also shared a salad bowl which had a delicious dressing.
For the full menu of the ‘Plätzli’ click HERE.

DSCN2677My favourite part?
The waiters blue and white striped shirts.
Anything striped works in my books.


DSCN2683The view from the sun deck.

Sitting there having lunch I realised what a beautiful city Zürich is.
I always notice it when I’m back visiting but Zürich in the summer is just a whole other story.
Everyone just seems happier and more relaxed.
People are out and about making sure to catch as much sun as they can, especially now with this horrible weather we’re still having in May.
There’s just a different feel in the air in the summer. It’s quite magical.

Zürich has a lot of outdoor places so you can make the most of the summer weather – warm days and long summer evenings.
The best part?
This is the city I call home.



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