Sorry for being gone for so long!
Time just seems to be flying recently and at times I forget about my blog.

It is finally summer.
Which also means I am finally working.

I worked two 8 pm till 4 am shifts on the weekend and learnt that that type of lifestyle is nothing for me.
Hats off to all of you who work while the rest of us sleep.

I’ve been experimenting with apricots in my food and love it.
I made a salad and a dish with couscous.

The sweetness and the texture of the apricot add a nice unexpected touch to food.


To the salad I added: cherry tomatoes, carrots, feta, potatoes, radishes, red beats, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and of course apricots.
The perfect summer salad.

IMG_5413 IMG_5414I love couscous. I could probably eat it everyday.
All I did for this dish was fry aubergines and chicken (separately), prepare the couscous, add the apricots and some coriander.
It tastes great both hot or cold.

Do you have any great dishes that use apricots?


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