Searching for George Clooney Part 1

A week ago I spent 3 beautiful days in Como.
We stayed in Menaggio (not Como itself) and did trips from there.


The day we arrived was fairly chilly (at least for what I was expecting/hoping for) and I was definitely underdressed.

We checked into our hotel and had lunch in Menaggio before taking the ferry to Bellagio.
The town is filled with cobbled and narrow streets which give it something magical.
Especially with the grey weather and later on complete downpour.




Gelato is always a must in Italy!

We went for dinner at the Restaurant “Suisse”.
Despite the name I ensure you it had nothing to do with Switzerland or Swiss cuisine.
The food was Italian and excellent, the staff friendly and there is a great overall ambiance.
We sat inside but if you sat outside you would have an amazing view of the lake.
IMG_5474 IMG_5477
I had a fantastic starter. I can’t remember exactly what it was but it was with raw tuna and avocado.
It was so beautifully presented it was almost sad to eat it.
IMG_5479 IMG_5482
You can rarely go wrong with pasta in Italy. Or Limoncello at the end of the meal.

Sadly, on day 1 I did not spot George Clooney.
My quest continues!


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