Searching for George Clooney Part 2

The second day was already a lot better weather, actually perfect for a road trip around the lake and visiting gardens.
The area around Lago di Como is scattered with majestic villas each nicer than the previous one.
Just when you think you’ve found your favourite one, the one you know, you’d want to move into, another stunning one appears.

IMG_5512Watching the storm roll in which thankfully never really hit us.

After driving for awhile we had lunch in the square in Varenna but as we were quite late there was not much open.
We found a pizzeria that was still open and filled with a few tourists. Clearly all the Italians were having their siestas!
As a change from all the pasta and pizza I had this delicious salad for lunch.
Italians just know how to make good food.

Once upon a time the villas around Lago di Como were privately owned.
Some of the villas and/or the gardens are now open to the public and definitely worth a visit.

And boy are the gardens still well kept. I do not want to imagine how many hours go into the upkeep of them!
Perfectly manicured lawns, hedges and flowers.
Depending at what time of the year you are visiting different flowers will be in bloom.

It’s easy to get lost along the pathways of the tiered gardens with the magnificent lake view.Β I can see why people were and still are drawn to the area around Lago di Como.

The first garden we visited was that of Villa Cipressi.
Situated along the lake the views of the surrounding area are stunning.





We took the ferry back to Menaggio from where we drove on to Tremezzo to visit the garden of Villa Carlotta.
IMG_5564Not on the lake itself the position of the villa a bit higher on the hill allowed for a great lake view.IMG_5616





If you follow me on InstagramΒ you probably saw some of these pictures already.

I found great gardens and magnificent villas but still no George Clooney.

A beautiful day spent with great people.
Looking back at these photos makes me realise how blessed I am to be able to have the opportunity to visit such amazing places.

P.S. My camera decided to die shortly after I arrived in Italy so these photos have all been shot with my iPhone.


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