Martini Pleasure

Martini Bianco is one of my favourite alcohols.
There’s something about it. Not too sweet, not too bitter, doesn’t burn…
It can be drunken straight (people are often surprised when I say I do this) but it can also be used for cocktails.

For example the Martini Pleasure.
I first tried this on my trip to Como (HERE, HERE & HERE).
And then recreated it when I was visiting my grandparents.

IMG_5711It’s refreshing and best served very cold on a hot summer’s evening (/late afternoon).

You will need (per drink):
♦ 4,5cl Martini Bianco
♦ 4,5cl Green tea (we used mint tea)
♦ Fresh mint
♦ Ice

You’ll want to make the tea earlier and place it in the fridge to cool down.
Add all the ingredients to the glass, mix and garnish with the mint leaves.
(You can also add some sparkling water if you like)

IMG_5713Best enjoyed outdoors, with some pistachios and good company.



2 thoughts on “Martini Pleasure

  1. Liebste Laura,

    Oh, ich erinnere mich bestens an den Drink – er war köstlich! Danke für das Rezept!

    Herzlichst – dini nonna


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