When I first got back to Zürich from Edinburgh I was a bit disappointed Zürich didn’t have as many cool places as Edinburgh did.
How wrong I was.
Not sure where I’ve been going in the last few years/maybe all these places just opened?
But when I started exploring I found some new places.
And boy are they cool!

LOFT FIVE is one of these places.
I went there last week, once for lunch and once for drinks.
And both were equally as good.


LOFT FIVE recently opened in the newly built Europallee.
It reminds you of being in a homely loft set on five different stages rather than a restaurant.
The interior is designed to be vintage and rough chic with many extravagant furniture pieces designed by Günther Thöny.

Each of the five stages is cozy in it’s own way.
But nothing seems to cramped thanks to the high ceilings and the different sections.
IMG_5870 IMG_5867
The bakery/café area with delicious looking baked good as well as all sorts of interesting bits and bobs.

IMG_5856IMG_5873There is also this in the restaurant.
Not sure what to call it but I think piece of art or very big furniture fits?
Inside there are tables and benches for a more intimate setting.

IMG_5866The most beautiful piece of furniture in my opinion is this 8 meter long 30,240 year old Kauri table.
I’ve always dreamt of having a wooden table like this in a modern apartment.
Only downside- it is fairly wide which makes talking across it hard if there are lots of people sitting at the table.
But hey, sometimes aesthetics might just have to trump being heard.

IMG_5864 IMG_5858
The main dining area is on raised stage with wooden tables.
Everywhere you look there is something interesting and eye catching and the details here really make all the difference.
IMG_5863 IMG_5861
I went for the toasted goats cheese with salad- the perfect light lunch choice.
My Uncle went for the James Joyce burger.
I loved the presentation of the burger with the basket for the fries.

IMG_5874The bar area is about as inviting as can be with large, comfortable armchairs and sofas.
The chandeliers on the ceiling give the room a very glamorous feel.

Love this little gem by the bar.

The bar food is also worth trying- flammkuchen with salmon and a tomato mozzarella focaccia.

LOFT FIVE definitely has that coolness I thought places lack so I take everything back I said about you Zürich.
Zürich you are amazing!

Whether for a drink with friends, a coffee and cupcake or dinner, LOFT FIVE has it all covered.
I’ll be back.


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