Life in food

A reader commented on my last post saying how it looks like I’ve been part of great teams both at work and at home.
That got me thinking.

I have.
And I am so grateful for it.
How many people can wake up everyday and be excited to go to work?

Being part of a good and fun team makes such a difference.
Plus the location- outdoor, right by the lake and with a mountain view?
Yeah, I can’t complain.

It’s a summer job so it has an end date and maybe that helps keeps the spirits high.
Who knows?
But for now I’ll enjoy going to work.

As you know, working hard comes with benefits.
Ie after work drinks that are fully justified.

IMG_6026This is at Quai 61.
I mean, can it get any better?!

Then there’s my family.
Although I haven’t seen them much due to different working schedules, I am still eternally grateful and blessed to have them.

IMG_5995On that note- family friends.
That come from India and make you butter chicken.

IMG_6002And my Aunt who’s restaurant makes an amazing tomato mozzarella salad.

IMG_5968And friends who you haven’t seen in years and get to catch up with over prosecco and mouth watering sandwiches.

IMG_6012And parents that take you out for Italian food on a hot summers evening.

Oh yeah and work.
IMG_6027Saturday morning was tough as you can see…
Usually all seats are taken at lunch but this is Jill and me enjoying some quiet before the storm.
I promise we do work hard!


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