Babu’s bakery & coffeehouse

Brunch is a pretty big thing in Switzerland.
At least in our family.


On Sundays we get together to eat brunch with a special bread called Zopf, meats, cheese, jams etc.
We’ll sit and talk for ages and prepare ourselves for the lazy day ahead.

Sadly this tradition hasn’t happened very much in recent years as my brother is a chef and works odd days/hours and I’m mostly gone or when I’m here in Zürich I work as a waitress and have odd days/hours too.

On Sunday my sister and I decided brunch was in order but instead of having it at home like usual we opted to go out.
My shift only started at 2 so we had plenty of time to head to Babu’s Bakery & Coffeehouse.

I’d seen it loads and heard good things about it but had never been in before.
What a shame!
It was exactly what I thought Zürich didn’t have…cool places.

The mismatched chairs and tables, the brick wall and old furniture give this place a wonderful and homely atmosphere.
They put great emphasis on coffee, homemade food and local products.

IMG_6068I wanted to try everything but went for the bagel and my sister had the pancakes.

IMG_6078 IMG_6080Both were so delicious and topped off with a lemon mint drink…perfect.

IMG_6075We had this a lot in Dubai and I’ve never really found anywhere that could do it as well.
I have now!

I’m keen now to try their lunch menu too.
And go back for another lemon and mint drink.

Hope you’re all enjoying the summer weather.


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