The summer has been perfect for the last couple of weeks.
We’ve actually had a heatwave this weekend.
Temperatures up to 36°C today!

As I write this though I am awaiting the storm that is meant to roll in.
The sky has blackened, the wind has picked up, thunder is roaring…it’s only a matter of time before it comes pouring down.
Summer rainstorms are my favourite.
The smell, it cools down and I don’t need to water the garden ;)

I spontaneously decided to have a grill party last week.

IMG_6094Good food, good friends and good weather – perfect Tuesday night.

My friend and I both had Sunday off so we decided to go have brunch.
And when better to do it when there is a heatwave?
All the places we had originally wanted to go were fully booked out so decided to try the Lakeside restaurant.

The location at the lake was stunning and sitting outside on the terrace in the shade was perfect.
This place lacked the ‘coolness’ I’ve been searching for but the buffet more than made up for it.

IMG_6131My lovely brunch partners in their Sunday best.

IMG_6118Baskets to be filled with fresh bread.
IMG_6117Plates of delicious meats, salmon, yoghurts, fruits and vegetables.
IMG_6119Cheese – yes please!
IMG_6126The view on this perfect Sunday.
IMG_6125Two of the beautiful ladies I got to spend brunch with.
IMG_6120Round one.
IMG_6122Basket full of zopf, croissants and bread.
IMG_6123Can you tell I prefer savoury food? ;)
IMG_6127As we’d eaten so much and it was so hot I only managed a small dessert.

We each paid 54.-but we could eat as much as we want.
Which we sure did!

Along with the heatwave this weekend it was the Ironman.
How people actually ran, swam and cycled in this heat is beyond me.
Just walking around felt like a marathon for me!

IMG_6133 IMG_6141 IMG_6134 IMG_6139We didn’t make it across at the same time…

IMG_6138Although the lake is 25°C it is still refreshing.

IMG_6135Sunday smiles.

Hope you’re all keeping cool this weekend!


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