Life in paradise

Let me just set the scene for you briefly.
I’m sitting at a wooden table, there is a light wind blowing through my hair, clear blue skies, sound of someone swimming the pool, flowers and plants all around…
And incase you can’t fully visualise it, let me help you:

IMG_6148Understand now why this post is titled life in paradise?

Oh and this paradise is located in France where I’m spending a week doing nothing with my family and friends.
Nothing  is a bit of a lie, we have got a full itinerary.
It looks something like this: wake up, have breakfast, lie by the pool, swim, nap, read, swim, tan, lunch, nap, swim, tan, read, swim, play a game, nap, dinner.
Repeat this daily.
So as you see there is a lot going on.
Sort of.

But these kinds of holidays are much needed at times.
Just to switch off, forget your daily life and recharge your batteries.
And the sun…ahh the sun. It feels so good.

It also looks good when it’s going down after a long day.
(No photoshop here btw).

IMG_6157We rented a house and really lucked out.
Not just because the house itself is really nice and spacious but we also have a large terrace and a pool almost to ourselves (the neighbours barely use it).


Plus I lucked out because I get to spend a week with my little sister who seems to be growing up way too fast.
Can’t believe she’s already 16. 16?! When did that happen?
IMG_6167Cheers to that I would say.


Although this is a holiday you can’t be cooking all the time right?
Even if you have a kitchen.
So yesterday evening we drove up the winding, steep hill to Cabris for dinner.

If you thought our view was stunning.
Cabris’ will take your breath away.
IMG_6171My iPhone doesn’t capture the true amazingness of the view but you get the idea.


We had dinner at L’Auberge du Vieux Château.


We reserved as it didn’t appear we would’ve gotten a table had we just walked in.

We got fancy starters – chilled melon soup and potato with lobster.

I wanted to take this bottle home. The colour was beautiful and I could just imagine using it as a vase.
IMG_6193As a started I had mozzarella although it was a lot more creamy than I expected.

IMG_6191My sister, Alina’s, starter. Such beautiful presentation.

IMG_6189As a main I had roast veal.

IMG_6201And then it got too dark to take good pictures of our desserts.
But they were just as beautifully presented as the rest of our food and you could really see how much love and care went into making each dish.

With full bellies we took one last look at the stunning view before making our way back to our house along the winding roads, not without getting a bit lost first though.


And today we continued with our busy itinerary.
IMG_6245 IMG_6232Greetings from underwater!


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