Cannes for the day

We went to Cannes for a day as it was only a about a 40 min drive from where we were staying.
While part of the group went diving, I spent the day at the beach with my Mum and her friend.
We were lucky as where we set up camp was not such a crowded beach and without deck chairs (otherwise we would have been packed in like sardines with everyone else).

IMG_6250The sun was out, the sky was clear and the sea refreshing.

IMG_6259We had lunch at a seaside restaurant where we had a delicious salad nicoise and glass of rosΓ©.

We took some time to wander around Cannes.
I don’t know what I was expecting but I wasn’t that impressed.
Maybe it’s because I couldn’t go shopping in all the designer stores that lined the streets?
Or maybe because I didn’t spend the day at a beach club?
I’m sure if I had spent more time there it would have grown on me.

IMG_6264If I ever have a store I’m getting this sign:


IMG_6283We had dinner at 3.14Β down at the beach and watched as the sun set.

IMG_6280We spent the day hunting for nice yachts but as we couldn’t find the perfect one we decided hold out.

I wish.

IMG_6269I loved the restaurants turquoisey/blue and white colour scheme and the food was good too.
At least my salmon and vegetables were amazing.
IMG_6286(This photo doesn’t really do it justice).

After dinner we walked along La Croisette and stumbled upon these dancers.
IMG_6290I was amazed at how much strength some people have.
And their moves were really cool too.
Now if only I could dance…


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