DIY sweater printing

I am back in Edinburgh, moved into my new flat and getting settled in.
Our flat is coming together really nicely which is exciting.
I’ll post pictures when it’s done.

The day before I left my sister, Alina, and I realised we’d been wanting to do some DIY stuff the whole summer but somehow time just flew by.
So that Saturday we decided was our last chance and we went off to the shop to get the paint we needed to print onto sweaters.

IMG_6903Any fabric paint will work but we went for this one as it came with a sponge and that was the effect we were hoping to get as we were only doing outlines.

We printed our designs off from the internet, cut them out and then traced them on sticky foil.


We had originally planned to do a map of the world on the back.
Being the impatient person I am I decided it was too much work, Alina did it.
Now her sweater looks awesome and I’m jealous.

IMG_6899I decided I’d go for stars on the sleeves.

IMG_6904Place the sweater onto a flat surface with some newspaper underneath- just in case.
It was quite time-consuming as the sponge didn’t absorb much paint at a time, which if you’re a bit impatient like me…can be frustrating.
Alina even went over her outline twice.

IMG_6909Told you it’s awesome (even with the foil).

IMG_6908Peel off the foil and you’re left with your own customised sweater!

Easy peasy right?


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