Exploring Scotland: Loch Lomond

The reason I’ve been so quiet on here the past few days was because my parents came to visit me.
So I was busy showing them around Edinburgh, exploring Scotland and just spending time with them.
It was so nice having them here and being able to show them where I live.
And also they now know that I’m not just whining about the weather – it really is cold and the wind is horrible!

On Saturday we decided to rent a car so that we could go explore what else Scotland has to offer.
I mean this is only my third year here and what have I seen?
Edinburgh and Glasgow.

We rented the car from the airport as it was much cheaper than renting one from town.
After a bit of a delay from the car company we set out.
First stop: Stirling castle.

L.Alexandra L.Alexandra

L.AlexandraWe were so so lucky with the weather.
The sun shone all day!

The castle looked great but with a £4 parking fee and then £14 per person tickets to get into the castle, we decided to just walk around the grounds and skip going in.
We did look at the books and photos they had in the gift shop though.
So…we can almost say we were inside, right?!

We took the scenic routes rather than the highway and with the weather we had it was perfect.
L.AlexandraAs it’s fall nature has taken on the most beautiful colours.
The variety of greens, yellows, reds, browns…
This really can be a beautiful season.

IMG_7334We stopped here briefly to look at the restaurant but decided we wanted to find a pub.
L.Alexandra DSCN3404As you can tell despite the sun we still found it pretty chilly, especially when the wind was blowing!

L.AlexandraWe found a pub on our next stop so decided to have lunch there.
And it was far from your stereotypical pub food. We had a great lunch, with slow service though.
IMG_7346My Dad had the stilton paté.

IMG_7345 I went for the smoked mackerel paté with a beetroot and horseradish sauce.
My Mum went for the soup of the day.
IMG_7347And then after a looong wait we got our salmon and warm potato salad.

L.AlexandraAnd then with full bellies we made our way down to Loch Lomond to digest and have a walk around.
I promise you these next pictures were taken in Scotland!
DSCN3426 DSCN3420DSCN3428 IMG_7364 IMG_7359 L.AlexandraIt was such a beautiful day and I now understand why people love the Scottish countryside!


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