Mussel Inn Edinburgh

When I moved to Edinburgh three years ago my Mum came with me.
She’d been recommended to try out the Mussel Inn by a friend of hers but when we went by it was so packed.
So this time I took precautionary measures and booked a table for my parents and me over a week in advance.
But do go by spontaneously, I’ve had friends who’ve been lucky, I just didn’t want to take any chances!

Mussel Inn is an award winning seafood restaurant located on Rose Street, just off Princes Street.

Rather than jabber on, let me show you some pictures:

IMG_7265My parents went for the salmon starter.

IMG_7268And my Dad decided to have some oysters too.
You know ’cause he’s fancy like that.

L.AlexandraI went for the fish cakes (that look a lot like falafel I just realised).
I can definitely recommend the salmon.
Anything with salmon is a good idea really.

L.AlexandraMy Dad had gone for the daily special with the super delicious and creamy mashed potatoes.
(I was slightly envious, not going to lie).
L.AlexandraMy Mum and I went for the sea bass with vegetables and feta.

As you can tell I was very fixated on the food and my parents and forgot to take photos of the restaurant itself.

It’s popular with both tourists and locals, which is always a good sign, and worth a visit if you’re a seafood lover.
*blub blub*


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