Reusing glass jars

Recently I’ve been really into reusing glass jars.
Just ask my flatmate, I always ask her to save any empty jars.

They’re perfect for storing food – anything from rice to seeds to spices to teas.
They can also be used to for making and storing salad dressing or smoothies.

Or you can use them as candle holders, vases, pencil holders, make up storage or craft storage…
The possibilities are endless.

Here some inspiration:

jar 1

jar 2

jar 3

jar 4

jar 6

jar 7

Not only does it look great, it’s also very cheap as you can use any jars you have around the home.

Do you reuse jars?


3 thoughts on “Reusing glass jars

  1. how so incredibly funny because I’ve recently been doing the same!!! I have about 4 jars that I’ve kept and they are so practical! And I’m saving money!!!! We also eat a lot of nutella in this apartment so we have quite a few cups that are the nutella ones (but cleaned out, of course!)

    • Great minds think alike ;) I’m storing all my dry foods in them now. I just wish I had open shelving to display them all!
      Oh yeah I know the ones you’re talking about. Haven’t seen them here though.xx

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