Jamie’s Italian, Edinburgh

I first discovered Jamie’s Italian about a year ago and have been a few times since and I’ve been impressed every time.
I like Jamie Oliver’s food, wether to make myself or to eat out.
It’s delicious, fun and you don’t need to be a master chef to make it.

When my parents were visiting I made a reservation to ensure we’d definitely get a table.
I have tried to go without a reservation before and it can be fully booked and the waiting time is usually between 30-60 min.
Not that long, especially as there is a bar to wait at, but when you’re hungry…it’s a long time!

My only complaint?
The lightning is very romantic aka not very good for taking photos (especially with an iPhone – Digitec hurry up delivering my camera!)

But hey, this will give you an idea and I’m sure it’ll get your mouth watering…
IMG_7280We started with a glass of prosecco while we studied the menu and took in the atmosphere.

If you can get a table in the middle of the restaurant do it.
Then you get this view:
L.AlexandraThe bar (you can eat at it) with the hanging meats and that chandelier…
And at the back (or the front depending on whether you’re entering from Rose Street or George Street) there is a semi-open kitchen.
I had the best view in the house:
L.AlexandraMarried 25 years and still as in love as day one.
Admirable or what?
And still looking fantastic.
L.AlexandraI love the display of the food here.
If you order an antipasti they bring it out on a long, thin board and place it on cans to save space.
(First time I was there I thought they were freebies. Oops)
I had the crab and avocado bruschetta and my parents went for the fennel and orange salad.

The starters didn’t blow me away this time but the mains more than made up for it.
L.AlexandraMy Dad had the black angel spaghetti with Scottish scallops, garlic, chilli, anchovies, wine, parsley, capers and squid ink pasta.
I’m fascinated by the colour of the spaghetti.

L.AlexandraMy Mum had the baked Shetland salmon with whipped lemony Westcombe Dairy ricotta, balsamic-roasted veg and a zesty, crunchy salad.

L.AlexandraI had this beauty. Jamie’s favourite turkey Milanese stuffed with prosciutto and fontina with a fried free-range egg and truffles.
L.AlexandraRemember to order a side of posh chips with truffle oil and parmesan.

And a nice bottle of wine.
L.AlexandraL.AlexandraThe staff is friendly, the prices are reasonable and the food is excellent.
And so was our wine choice.
But so much food left us with no space for dessert.
Next time I’ll just have a main and dessert.


In regard to my last post on reusing glass jars, this is a funny video.


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