Leonardo da Vinci, The Mechanics of Man Exhibition

So people weren’t lying when they said 3rd year was going to be harder.
I feel like I’m practically living at the library.
As soon as one assignment is done it’s on to the next one.

For a change from staring at our books, papers and laptops all day my friend and I decided to go visit the Leonardo da Vinci The Mechanics of Man exhibition at the Queen’s Gallery, Palace of Holyroodhouse.

L.Alexandra L.Alexandra L.Alexandra L.Alexandra

Leonardo’s work was groundbreaking and had it been discovered earlier would have changed the study of anatomy.
His notes were so detailed it was incredible to look at it.

L.Alexandra L.Alexandra

If you go, take the audio guide.
L.AlexandraAs the pamphlet explains, “This exhibition displays thirty sheets of Leonardo’s groundbreaking investigations into the workings of the human body and uses the latest medical technology, including CT and MRI scans, computer simulations and 3D film of the body, to explore the modern relevance of his anatomical research. This juxtaposition reveals how far-sighted Leonardo’s work was and how close he came to 21st century thinking. Exhibition highlights include Leonardo’s notes from his post-mortem dissection of a 100-year-old man, in which he gives the first accurate descriptions of cirrhosis of the liver and narrowing of the arteries in the history of medicine.”


They had a screen connected to an iPad that allowed you to zoom in on one of the pages.
It also allowed you to change the writing so it was not in mirror format (the way that Leonardo wrote – from left to right) and in a legible computer font.L.Alexandra L.Alexandra

He moulded a heart to try and find out what the valve does.L.Alexandra L.Alexandra

We booked our tickets online and went just after it opened, at 10am, which was good call as there were a lot more people waiting to get in as we were leaving.
L.AlexandraYou’ll want to go soon as the exhibition finishes on November 10th.

And if you’re there you can pop over to the Andy Warhol exhibition at the Scottish Parliament.
A small but interesting exhibit of Warhol’s pieces themed pop, power and politics.


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