October eats

Is it November already?!
Where did October go??

Reminiscing about October…

I was lucky because my parents were here so we went out a lot to eat.
I decided that rather than doing a post on each place we went to eat at, I’d combine it all into one.
And it might help if you’re stuck for a dinner location in Edinburgh.
Or just want to look at pictures of yummy food.

L.AlexandraKoyama does great Japanese food at very student friendly prices on Forrest Road.

L.Alexandra L.Alexandra L.AlexandraUrban AngelΒ have two cafes with great food. We went to the one on Hannover Street.

L.Alexandra L.Alexandra L.Alexandra

L.AlexandraTing Thai Caravan opened up just a couple of months ago and it’s the best Thai food I’ve had since Thailand.
They don’t do websites, social media etc. but you can find them on The List.

L.AlexandraThey even serve your drink in a plastic bag, just like in Thailand.

L.AlexandraA friend’s friends were visiting and we stumbled across the Red Squirrel whilst looking for somewhere to eat.
Definitely go for their gourmet burgers.

Do you have any suggestions for restaurants or cafes in Edinburgh?
I’m always keen to try out some place new.


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