In the footsteps of Harry Potter

Yesterday, Saturday, was the perfect relaxing day.
Assignments were handed in and the next are only due in a few weeks.
The sun was out, the air was crisp and there was no wind.

My friend, Silje, and I decided we would spend the day doing a few touristy things.
We started at The Elephant House, where J.K. Rowling wrote her first novels in the back room overlooking the castle.

L.Alexandra I like all the elephants they have displayed but otherwise I think it’s somewhat living on the novelty of being the birthplace of Harry Potter.
Often you have to queue just to get a seat and the food is okay but nothing I would be going back for.
If you go, do check out the bathrooms where people have left notes on the walls for J.K. Rowling and the Harry Potter cast.

My Grandmother would love this. She collects elephants too although her collection isn’t quite as extensive as this one.
Not yet.


I got to spend the day with this cutie:


The sandwich was pretty tasty, good post-partying food, but the house salad was a bit more like decoration and not exactly what I would imagine when it says the sandwich comes with a salad.L.Alexandra L.Alexandra

Next we went to the Scottish National Gallery.
It houses the national collection of fine art from the early Renaissance to the end of the nineteenth century.
L.AlexandraI loved how the whole wall was used and you had to step back to see everything.

Niagara Falls (from the American side).L.Alexandra L.Alexandra L.AlexandraWe did want to go to The Royal Scottish Academy too but it was closed as they were taking in art pieces for a show.
Anyone could submit and the best ones will be chosen to be displayed. Find out more HERE.

We walked around town a bit before meeting friends to go for dinner at Bar Soba.
The city is slowly getting into the Christmas spirit.
L.Alexandra L.AlexandraAnd a little Chanel wisdom to end this post:
L.AlexandraHope you all had a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “In the footsteps of Harry Potter

  1. Despite the food being just okay, it must have been pretty neat to know that’s where it all started. Gosh, couldn’t we all just talk Harry Potter all day – only good things come from such talks. ^_^

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