Green smoothies

When I first heard about green smoothies, and now when I tell anybody about them, the first reaction is eww a green smoothie?!
But don’t be so fast to judge.
They taste just as good as your regular smoothie.
And as an added benefit they’re super duper healthy.

The reason they’re called green smoothies is because you add in spinach, kale or other super greens.
It’s an easy way to get an extra dose of fruits and vegetables.

For tips, tricks and recipes visit the Simple Green Smoothies website.
Their site is packed with everything you need to know about green smoothies.

The basis of any green smoothie is greens (duh!) and a liquid such as, soya milk, coconut water, water etc.
Always blend the greens and the liquid together first, before adding in the rest of the ingredients.
Green smoothies // L.Alexandra

Mornings can be a bit stressful at times so I often prepare my smoothies ahead of time so I can just blend it all together the morning of or the night before.
Prepping is also good if you have loads of fruits and greens that’ll go bad if you don’t use them soon.
By freezing them you can prevent them going off.

Make sure you chop everything up roughly.
No need to make it look pretty.
Green smoothies // L.AlexandraThen add whatever you’ve chopped up into plastic bags or better yet tupperwares (be environmentally friendly).
You’ll want to portion it as trying to get food apart when it’s frozen ain’t an easy task let me tell you.
Green smoothies // L.AlexandraTop it off with banana and spinach and pop it into the freezer.
I tend to take my smoothie bags out an hour or so before making them.

I like the consistency best if I make the smoothie in the evening, keep it in the fridge and then drink it in the morning.
The ingredient possibilities are ENDLESS!

I keep frozen banana in my freezer almost all the time in case I want to spontaneously whip up a green smoothie.
Not only does it give it a thicker consistency when it’s frozen, it’s also not so crazy banana tasting.

Oh and the ingredients from the smoothie in this post are:
♦ 1 kiwi
♦ 1 apple
♦ 1/2 banana
♦ 1 cup spinach
♦ 1 cup soya milk

What’s your favourite green smoothie?


2 thoughts on “Green smoothies

  1. I use to make green smoothies every day this summer but got lazy..i LOVE The idea of the ziploc portions in the freezer!!! THAT’S GENIUS!!! I’ll have to try that out!!! And spinach or kale definitely doesn’t add ANY taste to the smoothie! I also add chia seeds or for added protein almond butter!


    • Haha I know the feeling! Also I prefer a warm breakfast in this cold weather.
      Yeah it makes it a lot easier, plus you can bulk buy fruits and veggies or ones that are about to go out of date.
      That is a good idea! Thanks! I tried it with peanut butter once…

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