Trying something new: a 5 day detox

I have heard about the whole concept of clean eating vaguely and mainly from Instagram pictures.
After seeing a picture of a particularly good looking clean meal on my friend’s Instagram, I decided I wanted to find out some more.
But there is so much information out there!

I asked my friend for some advice and she gave me the titles of some books she read and could recommend, as well as some apps.
Plus you can just put ‘clean eating’ into the search bar on Amazon or Google and tons of suggestions will pop up.
It should probably keep you going for awhile…

To begin I just wanted to read up on it a bit and get an idea of what it is so I bought one of the cheaper books off Amazon.
Opting for the Kindle version is always the cheapest and fastest option (and you don’t necessarily need a Kindle to read it, iBooks works or downloading the Kindle app for another device).
I gotΒ Clean Eating Simplified by Emma Young.

I also got The Whole Pantry app which has a ton of recipes that I’m pretty eager to try.

The Whole Pantry // L.Alexandra

To the actual detox.
A friend of mine had done it and said she felt great after it.
Although she has been clean eating for awhile so I’m assuming it will be a bit harder for me.

What I like most about this detox is that it looks like I won’t be starving.
And I get to eat a variety of foods.
The detox I’ll be trying is the 5 Day Detox by Nikki Sharp.
5 Day Detox // L.AlexandraThe plan is to get all the ingredients this weekend (not that there’s that many) and start on Monday.
I’m pretty excited.

The thing is I know I eat healthy most of the time.
I make all my meals myself, no microwave stuff and I try to buy organic where I can.
It’s how it’s always been at home so it wasn’t hard to continue when I left for university.
Plus I love cooking and trying out new things.
But I’m interested what this detox will do, if I’ll feel different and hey! maybe it can get rid of my little pooch that just DOESN’T SEEM TO GO-.-

Are you a clean eater?
Or have any tips, tricks, recommendations…?
I’d love to hear them!

And very importantly: thanks S for all your help!


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