Why I stopped the detox

As you may have read HERE I was keen to try a 5 day detox.
However, I stopped, not quit, after 4 days and here’s why.

(First of all I just want to make sure people know I’m not criticising the detox plan I used or the person who created it, I’m just sharing what it was like for me personally).

5 day detox // L.Alexandra

The 5 day detox just wasn’t right for me.
The first day was fine and the second was okay but I already felt like I was lacking energy and never quite satisfied after meals.
The food itself was tasty but after the third day of eating the same thing… I was getting a bit sick of it.
And plus I felt like I was constantly checking the time to see when I could eat again.

5 day detox // L.AlexandraI did manage to restrain eating anything sweet at a bake sale we had or have wine when we had friends for dinner.
So in my mind that counts for that day I didn’t do… ;).

I feel that our generation is constantly bombarded with images of skinny girls with a flat stomach, nice butt, toned arms…
We’re constantly told that skinny equals healthy.
But I don’t think that’s true.
You don’t need to be skinny to be healthy.5 day detox // L.Alexandra

Although the idea of clean eating appeals to me and I live by many of its elements already, I don’t think I would ever completely change my diet.
I eat very little milk products (due to my allergy), I pretty much only eat meat when I’m out or it’s served, I only drink sweet drinks occasionally, I avoid fast food 99.9% of the time and consume very little sugar.
Plus I work out 3-4 times a week.
In my mind that’s a healthy diet. And it works for me.
Sure I’m not super skinny but I’m happy.
(Okay pooch: I wouldn’t miss you if you left and never returned).
But feeling happy and comfortable in your skin,, that should be the most important aspect.
Even if that’s with a few kilos extra.

I love food and I love eating.
And I wouldn’t want to deprive myself from anything that good and vital for our survival.
I mean that’s what food is.

I try and live by the 80/2o rule, as explained by Rosie from The Londoner, as much as I can.
I eat healthy and nutritious meals 80% of the time and 20% is left for naughty treats.5 day detox // L.Alexandra

But what works for me, may not work for you.
It’s up to every person to discover what works best for them.
Life wouldn’t be fun if everything worked the same for everyone right?!
The Daily Dose views it similarly in THIS post.

Part of me wanted to complete the detox just so I could say I did it.
I stayed strong for 4 days.
But after reading THIS blog post I realised it is silly to keep going if I’m not feeling well.
I’ve done the cabbage soup diet for about a week and I don’t remember ever feeling so tired, headachy and grumpy.

So on day 5 I had the detox breakfast and had a coffee and a sandwich from Pret-a-Manger for lunch.
And damn was it good! Don’t know what I was thinking cutting out bread from my diet (and by bread I mean the real stuff, not the stuff you get at Tesco- sorry UK you have yet to learn the art of bread making).
For dinner I made homemade pizza with my friends and it was wonderful.
I actually felt full!

And this is why I stopped the detox, not quit.
I knew it wasn’t right for me.

Have you tried a detox?
What have you found works for you?


4 thoughts on “Why I stopped the detox

  1. Too bad it wasn’t right for you! But i completely understand, it doesn’t work for everyone…And like you said, thats not a bad thing, but every person just has to find what works for them…Aaaand from what I see you already live and eat healthier than the average person so its all good :P

  2. I love that you said that you ‘stopped’ rather than ‘quit’ – that’s such a better to talk to yourself and empower yourself for making healthy decisions! In this case, stopping seemed like the right choice.
    I do agree that it can be challenging for girls to stay confident in their own skin when we are bombarded with unrealistic ideas of what a woman’s body should look like – I know that I definitely struggle with it at times. But it’s a good reminder that we should be ‘healthy’ and not ‘skinny’ because skinny doesn’t mean healthy….and every has a different body anyway so skinny/healthy for one person will look completely different for another girl.

    Thanks for sharing this with us :)

    PS. miss you!

    • Aw thanks for the lovely surprise Seppy!
      Yeah I think it’s really important we accept ourselves for who we are, especially if we are being healthy and active.
      And you are beautiful! Don’t ever forget that.
      What would life be like if we were always counting calories and worrying about what we’re eating?!

      I miss you too and can’t wait for your next email!xx

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