Ingredients for the perfect pizza night

My friends and I planned a pizza night for when I got back.
Funny thing is, I only met these girls this summer at work but we all got along so well we kept in contact while I was gone and arranged to meet up as soon as I found out when I was coming back (the joys of whatsapp group chats!)
It’s amazing how you can just ‘click’ with some people and it feels like you’ve known them forever.

Anyways, back to the pizza.
We decided to do it at J’s new place which is stunning! Such a lucky find.
We agreed everyone would bring something for the pizza so that it was a joint effort.
And then we all made it together when we got there.
So the ingredients you need for the perfect pizza night are:Pizza night // L.Alexandra

Starting with a glass of wine or prosecco.Pizza night // L.AlexandraThere are advantages to us all having worked in service…Pizza night // L.AlexandraThe gorgeous dinner table.Pizza night // L.AlexandraGet everyone involved in chopping and preparing the pizza.Pizza night // L.AlexandraThen the fun of topping the pizza starts…Pizza night // L.AlexandraMake sure you grab big handfuls and pile it all on.Pizza night // L.AlexandraJust make sure you check everyone is okay with all the toppings.
We made one half of ours vegetarian for J.Pizza night // L.AlexandraYummy or what?Pizza night // L.AlexandraWhile you wait for the pizza to cook have another drink, chat and take some selfies.

There were plenty of good stories to keep us talking all evening…Pizza night // L.AlexandraAnd laughing.

Pizza night // L.AlexandraWhen the pizza was done we all tucked in and ate way too much but it was just too good not to.Pizza night // L.AlexandraBut I managed to convince them not to start eating riiiight away.
But just long enough so I could get this group shot of all the lovely ladies.

Pizza night // L.AlexandraN was put on dessert duty, she had no choice in the matter to be honest.
She made delicous chocolate chip cookies and a fruit salad.

Pizza night // L.AlexandraThanks J for having us all over!


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