DIY food gifts

As Christmas is coming closer, panic mode has probably set in with those who haven’t gotten gifts.
We celebrated yesterday (Saturday) as we’ll be away on the 24th.
My siblings and I teamed up these year for presents and decided to go with a DIY food theme.

We made our own garlic, rosemary and sage salt.
Super easy to make but it is pretty impressive and smells delicious.
I think I’m going to make this my go-to gift from now on.
Well food gifts in general. They’re easy, often inexpensive to make and well liked.DIY food gifts // L.Alexandra

We used THIS recipe as a guideline for the herbed salt.
I used coarse sea salt for ours and not kosher salt and spread it on a baking tray to dry.
(Just a heads up the garlic smell is quite strong so place the tray somewhere you won’t mind the garlic smell, i.e. not the bedroom).DIY food gifts // L.AlexandraDIY food gifts // L.Alexandra

We added paper luggage tags to the jars with a description of the salt.
You could add any kinds of herbs you liked to the mix.DIY food gifts // L.AlexandraWe also made chocolate bark inspired by THIS recipe from The Londoner.
We made ours with: cranberries, walnuts, almonds and maltesers.
Again, super easy but looks very fancy.
Just remember not to make it an hour before you want to gift it as it needs to cool and harden.DIY food gifts // L.AlexandraAgain the possibilities are endless of what to add.
Just make sure you start off with good quality dark chocolate.

We roughly chopped ours up and placed the pieces in a transparent bag and tied it with a gold ribbon, seeing as it is Christmas and all…DIY food gifts // L.AlexandraFor the third item we half dipped dried apricots (and a few walnuts) into dark chocolate – another pinterest inspiration.DIY food gifts // L.AlexandraWe put all the items onto a wooden plank (for the other gift we used a DIY record bowl my sister made) and then wrapped it in transparent paper.DIY food gifts // L.AlexandraI love the idea of food gifts as you know they will be used.

I mean who doesn’t like food?!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy spending time with your loved ones.


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