Sun and snow

And my blog’s birthday.
Can’t believe I’ve already been blogging for a year!
(Thanks wordpress for reminding me, I was just thinking the other day I should check when that is)

Thanks to all of you for supporting me on this journey *tears in eyes*, it’s been so emotional and I couldn’t have done it without you.
Okay, okay I admit, that’s the Golden Globes getting to me.
But really; thanks!

And as a little celebration here are some photos of the sun and snow.
They appear to be the perfect combination.

The first day in the Engadin was grey, cold and too warm for the snow to really stay.Sun and snow // L.Alexandra

Luckily, after two days of heavy, heavy snow the sun came out and it was beautiful.Sun and snow // L.AlexandraMy Dad looking like a pro.
(And check out that absolutely clear sky behind him…)Sun and snow // L.AlexandraThere’s this feeling you get when you stand at the top of a mountain, looking around you and all you see is white mountains and blue skies.Sun and snow // L.Alexandra Sun and snow // L.AlexandraWe decided to go for another day on the slopes on December 31st.
And although the snow was anything but nice in Laax, the weather more than made up for it.
The perfect way really to spend the last day of 2013.Sun and snow // L.Alexandra Sun and snow // L.AlexandraAnd don’t be fooled.
These views aren’t exclusive to the mountains.
Check out the view ZΓΌrich had to offer last week:Sun and snow // L.Alexandra

Happy 2014 to all you lovely readers!
And remember:Sun and snow // L.Alexandra


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